Address to a Haggis

Hello Folks,

Hope all is well.  Fourth Saturday of the Month means open bunker and WWII living history.  Lots of cool things going on in San Diego.  Get outside to spite anyone you know who is bundled up and getting icicles on the mustachio.

Volunteer Committee Meeting Feb. 8th 2014

Please join us for the Volunteer Navigation Committee meeting set for 10:00am on Saturday.  It’s a great way to meet some other volunteers and become enlightened to all the interesting things they are doing around the Park.  It is also an opportunity for you to get involved.  The VNC is still looking to fill its Scribe position.  This position requires minute taking, sending out minutes to rest of committee, reporting/monitoring of action items, and archival work.  If this sounds interesting to you…see you on Saturday the 8th at 10:00am

Dusty Socks Club Feb. 15th 1:00pm

Spread the word on this hike.  Direct people to meet at the La Jolla Shores Lifeguard tower.  There the group proceeds up the coast for about a mile walk past the pier to a rocky intertidal area.  Here the group can explore a rich area of diverse life.  It is teaming with Ochre sea stars and I always see half brained dolphins frolicking in the water.  Then we walk back.  The hike is rated easy and plan for an hour or two.

TPERP Committee Meeting February 22nd 10:00am

Anyone interested in contributing to this group, here is what Bonnie has to say.
”I would like to invite you to the return of the Tidepool Committee.  We have not had a meeting since the departure of our marine biologist Benjamin Pister.  I’d like to bring this committee back with an interpretive spin/focus due to the introduction of the TPERP Trailer.

I could use your expertise, institutional knowledge, experience etc, to help me make some informed decisions about our processes, procedures and future interpretive displays.  I’m not sure how often we’ll need to meet, but I plan to keep our group small.  The intent is not to give ourselves a lot of work, but to share knowledge, information and formulate plans to take the program to the next level.”

Our Friends and Support

Cabrillo National Monument Conservancy asks for your support on an endeavor.  They have a goal of roughly 17,000 dollars and hope to have 600 people help them reach their goal.  There’s also something in it for you so have a look.  Please spread the word to anyone around the world who wants to support Cabrillo National Monument.  This is a way to do it.  Also the project closes in 20 days so there is a deadline on this.
Spread the word and let’s hope they can reach their goal.

You can go to their website:

Or the kickstarter page directly:

Cabrillo National Monument Foundation is at it again.  Second time is a charm and it looks like the government should be open this time around.  Join them for their centennial celebrations set for March 15th, 2014.  This time around they make the offer for volunteers to receive Foundation membership prices.  A 10 dollars saving.  Head to their website for more information and to buy tickets. Spread the word, it sounds like it will be a good evening with the stars.

E-binder Minder

Alright, so here is the link to the E-binder (our reference manual).  It now exists online so you can learn about Cabrillo at anytime; while you are at a coffee shop, laying on the beach, using the necessary….you get the point.  Here is the link below, and if you are having any issues viewing it let me know and I can send you some problem solving material.

Less and Less Luddite

Back in the days of yore, volunteers contributed, developed and produced a newsletter called the VIP Voice.  It was a forum for volunteer information, to highlight cool things at the Park and other information of brain folding potential.  We are now beginning to formulate an electronic Voice for Cabrillo volunteers. If you would like to help populate the page with stories, pictures, information or any other cool ideas let me know.  Send any information regarding this idea with “Nuestra Voz” in the subject lines of your email.

The Royal We with no Nosism

We have a good community of volunteers contributing and helping Cabrillo be a better place.  There are many things that we use communally (radios, backpacks, keys, tools to name a few).  Please be mindful of these items and remember to put them back accordingly once you are finished.  It is helpful for when the next volunteer comes in to do the job.  So let’s be mindful of the Royal Us’s and help each other out.

Retrofitting Our Old Bones
A retrofitting project of our buildings is currently taking place.  Right now they are moving to the lighthouse and plan to be there for the next three weeks.  I believe they will be moving to the Visitor Center next.  They might be here until May/June so thought you might want to know what was going on and something you can let visitors know if they ask.

Counting Down,


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