A Marriage proposal at Cabrillo

Marriage Proposals at Cabrillo

A Marriage proposal at Cabrillo

There have been a lot of marriage proposals at Cabrillo over the years. This one took place on September 13 during a Moonwalk sponsored by the Cabrillo National Monument Foundation. The young man wanted to propose at Cabrillo at sunset but found out the park closed at 5pm. He contacted Emily Moore at the Foundation because he had learned there was a Moonwalk coming up. The Moonwalk was for members only so the young man joined CNMF on the spot. This allowed him to propose to his girlfriend at sunset on a perfect evening.

Marriage Proposal at Cabrillo

This marriage proposal was captured back in December of 2017. The photo was taken by a GoPro that was secretly set by the Groom-to-be, then the couple walked to the place and he proposed. The mother of the bride was on the train and met VIP Romi while Romi volunteered as part of the Trails & Rails program. When the mother learned that the Trails & Rails volunteers were representing Cabrillo, she delightfully showed Romi the photo depicting her daughter being proposed to at our Park. The groom submitted the photo to a photo contest & won 1st prize.

Marriage Proposal at Cabrillo
Marriage Proposal from Cabrillo

And still one more marriage proposal at Cabrillo. The photo above shows the proposal at Cabrillo. The second photo shows the couple as they met up with VIP Romi, again as she worked on the Trails & Rails program on the train.

VIP Romi seems to have a connection between people that get engaged at Cabrillo and then ride the train, while she is working. Find out more about the national Trails & Rails program. Read how you can volunteer with the Trails & Rails at Cabrillo. Perhaps you will find people with other stories about Cabrillo.

On a personal note, I also proposed to my wife at Cabrillo down at the tidepools.

2 thoughts on “Marriage Proposals at Cabrillo

  1. Ahh, sweet article. Wish I’d have known because I have a darling photo of an engagement proposal in the lantern of the lighthouse from two years ago. We are a special place up there on the hill, to be sure.

    Love, VIP Karen

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