CNM Facts & Figures

Cabrillo National Monument

General Information

Name:        Cabrillo National Monument

Address:    1800 Cabrillo Memorial Drive

San Diego, CA 92106

Phone:        (619) 557-5450            ITY:  (619) 222-8211

Fax:            (619) 226-6311  

Hours:        9am to 5pm daily

Fees:           Private Autos: $20 per vehicle, good for seven days

Pedestrians, Bicyclists: $10 per person, good for seven days

Motorcyclists: $15 per motorcycle, good for seven days

Annual Pass: $35

Active Duty Military: Free with ID

Educational Groups: Can get a fee waiver; contact park

Passes:       Various passes; some are renewable yearly, others are lifetime

All passes are available at the Entrance Station.


Staff: (All Phone numbers are of the form (619) 523-xxxx)

Superintendent                                       Andrea Compton     ext. 4260

Chief of Administration                         Vic Scott                  ext. 4261

Chief of Interpretation                           Elizabeth Skinner    ext. 4280

Chief of Visitor/Resource Protection    Ralph Jones              ext. 4270

Chief of Facility Management               Jay Heidelberg         ext. 4265

Chief of Resources & Science               Linh Anh Cat                 ext. 4290

CNM Non-Profit Entities:

Volunteers-in-Parks (VIP):

Cabrillo National Monument Foundation (CNMF):


Maritime Museum of San Diego:

Amtrak Trails & Rails Program:

Social Media:





Last revised 02-Jun-20

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