The Contact Station

ArrowheadTidepool Education Table Project

Join us as we expand the TPERP program with a new

Visitor and Information Contact Station at the tidepools!

Previous tidepool table
Photo: VIP Kirk Copic staffs the interpretive tidepool table at the 2013 Bird Festival

Nearly one million people visit Cabrillo National Monument each year and as many as 220,000 of them head down to the tidepools and coastal area of the park. In 2012, TPERP volunteers established a contact table with interpretive intertidal items as an exploratory project and it was a big hit. Volunteers talked to as many as 300 people in just two hours on busy weekends.

New Education Table
Photo: VIP Becky Wieder stands at the new volunteer-built education table and remodeled trailer.

As a direct result of volunteer efforts and ensuing visitor interest, park management is expanding interpretive efforts by increasing infrastructure in this area. In October 2013, a temporary trailer was placed near the bluffs to allow for a greater volunteer/ranger presence in this part of the park. During the 2014 summer months, Volunteers and the Cabrillo National Monument Conservancy remodeled the inside of the trailer to make it more functional for volunteer and Ranger needs. The Cabrillo National Monument Foundation is assisting with interpretive efforts and volunteer training. Rangers are looking forward to the 2014-2015 tidepool season where the educational efforts and protection levels will be enhanced because of this new and improved infrastructure.

Last revised 09-Sep-14