3 thoughts on “VIP Tales

  1. One of the best things about volunteering at Cabrillo is meeting people from all over the world.

    When I had the lighthouse kitchen open for visitors, a couple of guests were speaking German, and I know enough German to embarrass myself.

    I started talking to them in my best German, and told them that my grandfather emigrated from a tiny village in Germany to Chicago in 1926. And when I say “tiny,” I mean minuscule—even today it has only 212 people living there.

    We were all dumbfounded when my German visitors revealed to me that they had just visited my grandfather’s hometown a few weeks earlier, and had spent several nights in one of the two guesthouses there. (My cousins, who still live in the village, ran one of the guesthouses, but our Cabrillo visitors happened to stay in the other one.)

    The world is not as big as we think it is.

  2. I was working in the Visitor Center this morning, and checking the answers to a young boy’s efforts to complete the Junior Ranger program. For the question that asks about the omnivores that live in the park, his answer:

    “Jolly ol’ Santa”

    Best answer ever!!!

    While probably technically correct, his father wasn’t so amused and he made the boy provide a more appropriate park-related answer. Still, it made my day.

    After my shift, I wandered up to the whale overlook where a guest asked me, “Is this heaven?”

    The joys of volunteering at CNM!

  3. Want to thank Sharp for their volunteering and hard work on Saturday Aug.30. Gardens look great. Would work with group anytime. Also thanks for dinner.

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