Here you will find links to various park resources to assist your in your role as a VIP.

Cabrillo National Monument – A link to CNM’s official National Park Service website.

Volunteer Orientation Guide (VOG)

This guide uses information from various park resources to help you become familiar with Cabrillo National Monument. It gives you a brief overview of the park, its staff, and its volunteer opportunities. Please refer to the resources mentioned in the VOG for more in-depth information.

The VOG may be accessed online or downloaded to your computer or mobile device. You also have the option of   borrowing a hard copy from the park’s volunteer coordinator. Here are the links to each:

Volunteer Orientation Guide (VOG)(PDF 12MB)

Volunteer Orientation Guide (VOG) (Online version)

Volunteer Checklist(PDF)

Volunteer Service Agreement– (PDF, you can fill out the form and then print it out)

2022 Reference Manual (E-binder)

This is a 1,500 page comprehensive collection of all things Cabrillo National Monument and is a tremendous resource to use. You can learn more about the E-binder here.

The E-binder may be accessed online or downloaded to your computer or mobile device. While the downloadable PDF works fine on computers, unfortunately there are instances where the larger, high-resolution file causes Safari and Chrome to crash on some tablets and phones when downloading, so we’ve created a low-resolution file if you have problems. Here are the links to each:

2022 Reference Manual (Ebinder) (PDF 487 MB)

Reference Manual (E-binder) (Online version)

Reference Manual (E-binder) User Guides

E-binder Version Description Document

Last revised 24-Aug-22

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