Virtual Nat Chat: The Bioluminescent Red Tide of 2020

If you are interested in learning more about the recent Red tide and the bioluminescent effect, there is a virtual lecture tonight (Tuesday) at 7:00pm. This lecture is sponsored through the San Diego Natural History Museum. Dr. Michael Latz of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego studies this spectacular phenomenon. In this short Zoom talk, he’ll touch on the mechanism behind this strange … Continue reading Virtual Nat Chat: The Bioluminescent Red Tide of 2020

Random Observations and Thoughts

Perhaps we have been quarantined too long, or bored, or hungry, or just going crazy. While viewing some of the recent statistics on the VIP Voice, we saw the following under the top search parameters. Needless to say we were a little concerned when we saw these search items. We started to wonder what the VIPs were thinking about. But don’t worry. After more investigation … Continue reading Random Observations and Thoughts

VIP Spotlight – Violette

Setareh Nouriboshehri, Community Volunteer Ambassador (CVA) It’s VIP Spotlight Monday! Today, we get to hear from VIP Violette, who serves the park through the Conservation & Environmental Steward Apprentice Program (CESAP for short). We first met Violette through the park’s EcoLogik Project Summer Program, which provides an experience for young women (ages 9-16) who have a passion for the natural and technical sciences. Since then, … Continue reading VIP Spotlight – Violette