Wildspot AR Lands in San Diego

Augmented Reality game is designed to attract new audiences to urban National Parks  In the new mobile game WildSpot, a disturbance in the space/time boundry between Earth’s dimension and a neighboring one threatens to introduce unusual and potentially destructive organisms and phenomena to our planet. Fortunately, WildSpot players can locate, document and control these bizarre outbreaks before they destabilize our world.  Developed by the American Association … Continue reading Wildspot AR Lands in San Diego

You’ve Been Asking, So…

A lot of the volunteers have been asking for photos of Ranger Elizabeth’s baby, Julian, so she wanted to share these with everyone. “Julian is already 8 months old! He loves going for stroller walks and looking at trees, and playing with his water mat to practice his tidepool observation skills. He is starting to crawl and is finally starting to like eating solid food. … Continue reading You’ve Been Asking, So…

Two small oval shaped pink slugs with pink soft spikes

What’s In the Tidepools? – March 2022

(NPS Photo/T. Woods) Our dedicated volunteers at Cabrillo National Monument take photos of the exciting flora and fauna down in the tidepools! We want to try and capture the wonderful photos that volunteers are taking in the tidepool area. This blog post is published on a monthly basis, but we need your help. We encourage you to keep contributing by submitting your memorable photos and/or … Continue reading What’s In the Tidepools? – March 2022

Blue rectangle with the words "Cabrillo Under the Stars" overlaying a light blue background with stars

Cabrillo Under the Stars

After a 2 year hiatus, Cabrillo Under the Stars will take place as a live event on Saturday, May 21, 2022.  Proceeds from this event help to sponsor the many Park Discovery, youth education and volunteer services that would otherwise not be possible at Cabrillo National Monument.  The event is highly popular and likely to sellout very quickly.  Once again it is an opportunity to enjoy … Continue reading Cabrillo Under the Stars