Tidepool or Tide-pool – Final Answer

VIP Beth found this in her archives as she was doing some COVID19 house cleaning. You may have been losing sleep wondering what the correct wording is for tidepools. Or is it tide-pools? Well we can say we have the final answer after marine biologist, Bonnie Becker did the equivalent of phoning a friend. She consulted the hosts of “A Way With Words”. So we … Continue reading Tidepool or Tide-pool – Final Answer

Tidepool Tips – Observations

Saturday TPERPs participated in a trash clean up day in the tidepools. A more detailed post will occur soon but we wanted to let you know that 166 pounds of trash was removed! During that cleanup TPERP Gayle came across the following plant like structure in the tidepools. It kind of looked like kelp but then again it didn’t. So Gayle asked her friend, a … Continue reading Tidepool Tips – Observations

VIP Spotlight – Peter Lee Tancredi

Setareh Nouriboshehri, Community Volunteer Ambassador (CVA) It’s somehow June, and nothing fights off the gloom like learning more about our volunteers! This week, we get to hear from VIP Peter Lee. If you’ve visited Cabrillo National Monument and driven through the Entrance Station, chances are you’ve seen Peter Lee’s friendly face welcoming you into the park. For the VIP Spotlight, we’ve sent our questions to … Continue reading VIP Spotlight – Peter Lee Tancredi