A small gray bird perched on top of a branch

Bird Watching – Cabrillo Style

VIP Bob spread his wings and captured these photos at the park the other day. Now for those of you who can’t identify all the birds you see (present company included), Bob has provided the species of the photos he took. I’m hoping I got them associated with the correct photo. Looks like these birds are trying to practice Social Distancing, but we don’t see … Continue reading Bird Watching – Cabrillo Style

Velvet Ants – Cow Killers

When VIP Mary was roving near the tidepool area in late June, she came across this attractive bug that she did not recognize. You may know about this insect but she had never seen it before.  It is called a red velvet ant (Dasymutilla occidentalis) and it is actually a wasp. It has a powerful sting and has been nicknamed “Cow Killer.” It doesn’t kill but does … Continue reading Velvet Ants – Cow Killers