Lobster Rescue

Last Friday, a lobster rescue occurred in the tidepools. Visitors reported that a lobster trap with lobsters in it was seen north of Zone 1 in the tidepools. TPERP Coordinator Pauline and Ranger Donny went to inspect the reported lobster cage. They confirmed the report. Lobster traps occasionally wash up into the tidepools after breaking loose from outside the tidepools. They are usually weighted down … Continue reading Lobster Rescue

Tidepool Tips – Biting Off More Than He Could Chew?

Last Tuesday TPERP Ken made an interesting discovery in the tidepools. He noticed an anemone consuming an entire lobster. And as you can see the poor anemone next to it was close but just missed. Needless to say it was the favorite attraction for visitors. However, the next day, the lobster was gone. Who knows what happened to the lobster; Did the tides takes it … Continue reading Tidepool Tips – Biting Off More Than He Could Chew?