A drawing of a whale tale promoting the Whale Safe program

ACS Lecture Series – Whale Safe

The next virtual webinar sponsored by the American Cetacean Society (ACS) will be held on Wednesday July 13 at 7:00pm over Zoom. Callie Steffen will speak about the Whale Safe project. No registration is required. About the speaker:Callie Steffen is a project scientist at the Benioff Ocean Initiative, where she works on projects that are developing science- and technology-based solutions to ocean problems, such as the … Continue reading ACS Lecture Series – Whale Safe

ACS – Virtual Speaker Series – Gray Whales

Wednesday January 12, 2022 at 7pm on Zoom Dr. Steven Swartz will present a talk on Gray Whales for the San Diego Chapter of the American Cetacean Society. This talk is free for everyone and will be given on Zoom. Meeting Information Meeting ID: 513 147 5168Passcode: Whales Steven is a 1986 graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz and has researched has and … Continue reading ACS – Virtual Speaker Series – Gray Whales

American Cetacean Society Virtual Talk- Tonight!

There and Back Again – In Three Days: How to Self-Guide a Trip to the Gray Whale Calving Lagoons in Baja California. July 14, 2021 7pm George Liddle, one of ACS San Diego’s board members, will be presenting on his last trip to Baja to visit the gray whales! The talk is through Zoom and the link is given below. The event is free and … Continue reading American Cetacean Society Virtual Talk- Tonight!

Gray Whale

We Need Your Peepers!

Ranger Tavio is putting together a celebration of our migrating mammal friends and could use your help.  See the message from him below for more details. You dolphinitely don’t want to miss this exiting event!  Whale…here it is: We need your peepers! (more officially looking for aspiring Cetologist) Last two weeks in Feb. Have you ever stared into the pacific blue for hours on end?  If … Continue reading We Need Your Peepers!

Gray Whale Migration

Here’s a timely excerpt from the Cabrillo Reference Manual (E-binder) about the gray whale migration.  Enjoy! Gray Whale Migration – Witness the Annual Winter Journey Each winter, the Pacific gray whales pass by the western overlooks of Cabrillo National Monument. After spending the summer feeding in the food-rich waters of the Arctic, the whales swim south along the coast to the bays of Baja California, where they mate … Continue reading Gray Whale Migration

Video Killed the Radio Star

Cronies of non-cronyism, All is well at Cabrillo.  It’s summer and we are getting an increased flow of visitation.  Thanks to all ya all who are out in the field and providing much-needed and appreciated visitor contacts.  We are moving ahead.  NPS Cabrillo had a good collaboration meeting with CNMC, CNMF, and VIP representatives last Sunday.  During that meeting, the surprising July rains came and … Continue reading Video Killed the Radio Star