Volunteer Recognition Dinner

If you couldn’t make it to Friday’s Volunteer Recognition Dinner, you missed out on a great evening of fun, good food, and great company in an incredible setting on a beautiful San Diego night.

Dinner with the San Salvador as a backdrop
Dinner with the San Salvador as a backdrop

The San Salvador made an impressive backdrop for our dinner, as we sat at tables complete with some of the very things that Cabrillo and his crew might have eaten–peppers, cacao nibs, ginger, beans, hardtack, coffee, dates, and even fish.  (Okay, of the fish-shaped cheddar cracker variety instead of the more odoriferous real dried fish…)

16th Century snacks
16th Century snacks

Volunteers wandered through the San Salvador to check out its design and the amazing craftsmanship being used to build this full-sized replica.  Anyone who ventured up the stairs to the main deck was rewarded with views of the harbor, Harbor Island, Point Loma, and downtown in the distance.

View from the San Salvador deck
View from the San Salvador deck

Eileen M., our new Director of Interpretation and Education, thanked the volunteers for all that they do for Cabrillo National Monument, and announced that our volunteer program was awarded the George and Helen Hartzog Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service for the Pacific West Region of the National Park System.  After her remarks, blasts from two light cannon signaled the beginning of dinner that the park staff had prepared over a pair of hot grills.

Eileen M
Eileen M., Director of Interpretation and Education

The evening ended with Tavio recognizing a number of VIPs for their individual achievements while supporting the park.

Once again, congratulations and thanks to all of you who make the park such a special experience for our visitors!

Hartzog Award
George and Helen Hartzog Award

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