Volunteer Recruitment Event – August 23rd

Have you ever had an office with the greatest view of San Diego?Vol Recruit

As a volunteer at Cabrillo National Monument you can tell all your friends that you do!

We’re looking for interested individuals to work with Rangers on conservation projects and educational programming.  Volunteering at Cabrillo is a fun way to gain professional experiences, meet new people, provide assistance in research studies, learn new skills, get out of the house, and support the only National Park Service unit in San Diego.

From the eager-to-learn student to the retired professional, Cabrillo National Monument has a volunteer opportunity for everyone.  The Monument seeks your help in protecting our rich cultural and natural resources and in educating the public about the natural and historical treasure they have right here on Point Loma.  Our recruitment event introduces you to the Volunteer-In-Parks program; the various work opportunities available at Cabrillo National Monument; and the training that will enhance your volunteer experience.

This two hour session begins in the auditorium and ends with a site tour.  This tour allows you to get connected and inspired by our unique resources.  Journey with Rangers and Volunteers and get introduced to the sights, smells, and sounds of Cabrillo National Monument.

Come on out to the Point, discover this beautiful time capsule of San Diego history, and make this your new office!

If you have questions about the Volunteer Recruitment event or volunteering in general, or would like to RSVP to indicate that you plan on attending the event, please contact Tavio del Rio at 619 523 4565 or send emails to tavio_del_rio@nps.gov.


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