Help!! Lone Ranger Needs Sidekick

Greetings great VIPs!

Over the next two weeks, we’re going to have only one ranger on staff on the days indicated below, and our Lone Rangers could really use the help of a VIP sidekick in the Visitor Center.  Most helpful would be VIPs on the afternoon shift to help with the closing of the park, but any help at any time on these days would be appreciated.

So if you can find it in your hearts to help out our Lone Rangers, they would be truly grateful!  Please sign up in Volgistics to help them out.


Lone ranger days:

Thursday, 11/20 Eileen M.

Friday, 11/21 Debbie S.

Saturday, 11/22 Eileen M.

Sunday, 11/23 Eileen M.

Wednesday, 11/26 Eileen M.

Friday, 11/28 Bob M.

Saturday, 11/29 Amanda G.

2 thoughts on “Help!! Lone Ranger Needs Sidekick

  1. I would like to help if I could sign up. As of Friday 11/21, dates of 25,26 & 29 weren’t listed in volgistics as being available to sign up for visitor center! Only TPERP positions were listed. Were these positions filled quickly? Why keep advertising them?

    1. Hi Eileen,

      Thanks for your feedback. I just checked the Volgistics calendar, and there are still openings in the Visitor Center on the 25th (PM Shifts) and the 29th (AM Shifts). Do you have the Visitor Center as one of your Volgistics assignments? You can only sign up for a Visitor Center shift if you have the Visitor Center assignment.

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