Raise Your Fist

Hello Good Natured Souls,

Lots of events and activities going on at the park. Stay hip with the buzz and go to our websites and social media outlets to stay in the know.  2016 is coming and we are ready to dominate and represent the NPS in San Diego and cannot do it without you.


After a long lull the tidepool season is among us.  Good luck out there folks and enjoy nature’s playground.  Also, we want to start collecting any trash you find on your shifts.  We have a trashcan down by the trailer so please put all your marine debris and recyclables (from visitors to) in it so our posse of artist can use them in their works.

 Continuing Education

 RSVP DEADLINE OCTOBER 20, A Walk Among Us, October 21, 6:00pm

Please Join us as our stellar VIP Patricia leads us on a walk around the park to get more in depth information with the plants, animals and history of Cabrillo. As a volunteer in other places such as Mission Trails and the Living Coast Discovery Center, Patricia is a wealth of knowledge of San Diego ecology. If you would like to attend please email cabr_volunteers@nps.gov with “Clapper rail on Clapper rail off” in the subject line.

 RSVP DEADLINE OCTOBER 21: State of the VIP, October 23, 6:00pm

Let us celebrate the new year off right with some food and music. You are invited to attend an evening of celebrating the volunteer program and our efforts at Cabrillo. Food will be there and so hopefully you will be too. If you would like to attend please RSVP with “distichlis spiccata” in the subject line to cabr_volunteers@nps.gov.

 Tidepool Trash Clean up date, October 24th, 12:30pm

If you would like to assist in the effort to turn our trash in to something beautiful and engaging please RSVP to cabr_volunteers@nps.gov with “Stay Trashy San Diego” in the subject line along with the date you can attend. More of these events to be offered through the year….stay tuned.

Weed Warriors, 9:30am to 11:30am

Join the warrior ranks and participate in plant restoration efforts around the park. The more hands the better so feel free to bring friends with you. This group of warriors meets at the flagpole at 9:30

October 19th

October 26th

Fall Back Festival, November 8th, 11:00am-4:00pm

We are looking for folks who would like to enjoy this adventure back to the 1880s.  Three blocks of the Gaslamp Quarter are transformed into a western town of the past. Stroll through the time-warped streets filled with traditional western storefronts, museums, a sarsaparilla saloon, a penny candy store, a town jail, and even live historical recreations. Looking for living history volunteers or folks that would like to play dress up for a day.  If you are interested contact deborah_sherman@nps.gov

Convergence, Nov 14th, 6:00pm

We are gearing up to light the arts afire at Cabrillo for an evening of art and science and we need your help.  During the evening there will be over 30 art performances/instillations and several musical acts and we are looking for some volunteers to assist in making it a wonderful experience.  If you would like to help or want more information please email cabr_volunteers@nps.gov with “Ship in the Woods” in the subject line. Come out and support arts and science education in San Diego.

Big Bay Balloon Parade, Dec. 30th 10:00am

Mark your calendars and get ready to get your princess waves on.  We need a good number of folks since we are also walking with a 45ft. whale!.  More info to follow

Keep Doing Great Things,,

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