Reference Manual Update

EB Cover 2016Since creating our online version of the Cabrillo National Monument Reference Manual (E-binder), we’ve had very positive feedback from the VIPs using it to learn more about the park.

Here’s your opportunity to make the E-binder even better!

Each year, the E-binder Committee members review the content for accuracy, relevancy, and even silly little typographical errors. They also add new content and remove obsolete content.

For the 2017 update to the E-binder, we’re going to pilot something new. We’d love to have your input, and we’re going to start by reviewing Section 2 (Cabrillo National Monument) of the E-binder first.

Please review Section 2 of the E-binder and suggest any additions, deletions, or changes that you feel will make it better. Be specific and constructive in your feedback:

  • If you want to suggest new material be added, please provide reliable references or documentation supporting the new material. (Just because it’s on the Internet doesn’t make it true.)
  • If you want something removed, please explain why you believe it’s no longer relevant.
  • If you see formatting or typographical errors, tell us specifically where you found them.

Use the “Contact Us” link on the menu above to submit your recommended changes. We would like to have your input by 1 June 2016.

Please understand that the E-binder Committee has final editorial control of the content of the CNM Reference Manual, so submitted content may be edited or may not be included.

If this initial pilot review is successful, we’ll look at reviewing the other sections this way as well.

Thanks for your support on this new approach to updating the Reference Manual for 2017.

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