Updated Bioblitz 2016 Schedule and Information

Bioblitz 2016We’re less than a week away from Bioblitz 2016, and we hope you’re excited to participate. Here are a few updates:

1. Logisitics: Tables, chairs, and trash will be dropped off and set-up May 20th from 1-5 pm (and picked up on May 23rd in the morning). On May 21st, Set-up will begin at 7:30 am, Exhibitors and Scientists will start to arrive at 8 am, party starts at 9 am and goes till 8 pm. Our invited Scientists will be at the park taking observations till 9 am on May 22nd.

2. The schedule of events and how to iNaturalist guidelines are now available:

Click to access 1000_+Final+Schedule.compressed.pdf

3. If everyone could help in spreading the word through social media, here is the event for Facebook:


We will be posting throughout the event on Facebook and Instagram (@CabrilloNPS) using the hashtags #Bioblitz2016 #FindYourPark #CabrilloNationalMonument if you would like to tune in or join in.

4. If we could make an effort to park in the back of the parking lot to allow more space for guest, it would be much appreciated. All exhibitors and scientists will have parking passes on their dash (see attached).

Thanks to everyone for their efforts on this event; it has truly been an amazing group effort. Have fun!

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