A lighthouse and pine tree in shadow at sunset. The words Did You Know are in blue at the base of the image

Did You Know…CNM Quick Reference Guide

The following summaries provide you with a quick reference guide to important topics at Cabrillo. You can learn about the Kumeyaay, Cabrillo, the Lighthouses, Military History, Geology, and more.

Refer to the Cabrillo Reference Manual (e-binder) for more in-depth information.

The Kumeyaay


When the Native Americans’ aboriginal ancestors crossed the Bering land bridge (now known as the melted Bering Strait) that connected Russia and Alaska about 15,000 years ago, they were searching for an environment that would allow them to maintain their hunting and gathering lifestyles. The abundance of marine and land resources in what is now known as California encouraged some groups to actualize permanent settlements, and soon the land was able to boast about 500 separate tribes and 90 different languages. Among these California peoples were the Kumeyaay, who inhabited what is now recognized as San Diego County and Imperial County some 12,000 years before European contact.

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