Lions, Leopards and Whales, Oh My!

Join the American Cetacean Society, San Diego Chapter for their next event in the Speaker Series. Jodi Frediani will be talking about “Lions & Leopards & Whales, Oh My!: Photographing marine wildlife around the globe”

The virtual event is free and will be held on November 10 at 7pm.

Woman in winter jacket holding camera

Jodi Frediani, Santa Cruz based award-winning photographer and whale researcher, has been swimming with and photographing humpback whales on the Silver Bank (Dominican Republic) for the past 20 years. In addition, she has been photographing the marine life of Monterey Bay for the past eleven years, while taking time off for photographic adventures to Africa, Alaska, Argentina, Antarctica, the Arctic, Brazil, Franz Josef Land, Norway, Siberia, Thailand and Tonga. Her work has appeared in a number of national and international publications, including the BBC’s “Nature’s Weirdest Events”, and Carl Safina’s National Geographic blog, “Ocean Views”.  In addition to photographing wildlife in its many forms and habitats, Frediani is engaged in whale research via several fluke ID projects both here and abroad. With co-authors Nancy Black and Fred Sharpe, she published her first paper in 2020, entitled Postmortem Attractions: Humpback Whales Investigate the Carcass of a Killer Whale-Depredated Gray Whale Calf. She is currently working with Fred on two additional papers about humpback whale bubble use and recently returned from a 3-week boat-based humpback whale field research expedition in southeast Alaska. You can check out her photography at

The link for the zoom talk is:

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  1. Is this for VIP only or can I share?

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