American flags lined up along concrete sidewalk

Remembering Pearl Harbor

White headstones in cemetery
Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery

Today we remember and honor all who served during Pearl Harbor. Take some time to reflect on all of those who are buried at Fort Rosecrans. If you want to read more about Fort Rosecrans there are several documents in the ebinder.

Take some time to connect how Cabrillo and the military were connected during war time as well.

While Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery is well known in the area, there is another memorial you can visit too. The 52 Boat Submarine Memorial is located in Liberty Station. The memorial honors the 52 submarines and their crews lost in the war.

American flags lined up along concrete sidewalk
52 Boat Submarine Memorial

Each year around December 7, the Point Loma Association places wreaths on each memorial to honor these men. Visit the memorials and read about the sacrifice that these men gave for our freedom.

An American flag stands next to black memorial with wreath on front
52 Boat Memorial – USS Trout

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