Here’s Your Chance to See Glowing Fireworms

If anyone would like to see mating “glowing fireworms” (Odontosyllis phosphorea) now is the time before their mating ends for the summer season.  VIP Mary has selected 2 dates in September. The 1st meet will be on Friday, Sept 16 no later than 7:15pm at De Anza Pier in Mission Bay. The worms come to the surface for the purpose of mating 1-2 days before the quarter moon and start showing a half hour after sunset.  SUNSET is at 6:53pm. The mating lasts 30 minutes. If you come late you may miss it.

Mary will be at the DE ANZA COVE LAUNCH area on the pier at 7pm. The pier is very dark (perfect for seeing the worms) so you may want to bring a flashlight. She does have a few items to “show & tell” to explain the glow.

Map of DeAnza Pier in Mission Bay
De Anza Pier location in Mission Bay

Second worm meet will be Friday, Sept 30Sunset time for this date is 6:34pm.  Mary will be there at 6:15pm. The worms should start showing at 7pm.  The area for this meeting will be at the SOUTH SHORES BOAT LAUNCH south of Sea World in Mission Bay.  She will meet everyone in the parking lot before walking on the pier.

Map of South Shores Boat Launching Area in Mission Bay
South Shores Boat Launch in Mission Bay

If you have questions feel free to give Mary a call at (619) 888-0515 or email her at

More information about the glowworms:

2 thoughts on “Here’s Your Chance to See Glowing Fireworms

  1. We’re not available either of those meet days, so we went to the pier on the 15th. It was great! We started noticing the glowing fireworms at about 7:30 pm. Peak activity was probably about 10 mins later and the show was mostly over by 8 pm, when we left. This was a real highlight of the week. Thanks for alerting us to this. If you host the “show & tell” next year, we’ll definitely try to attend. Highly recommend!

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