Noise Pollution Virtual Workshop Flyer

Ecologik Virtual Workshops

Sonya Timko, who just presented at the TPERP Conference on Thermal Ecology of Crabs, wanted to invite all volunteers to the virtual workshops that she is holding for EcoLogik! They are also free to include children / grandchildren as well! They are on some great topics that the volunteers will hopefully not only find interesting, but can share with the visitors to the parks. She has included information on Cabrillo and how the following topics tie into Cabrillo as well! She has attached flyers for the available workshops coming up soon.

Noise Pollution Virtual Workshop Flyer

9/27 & 9/29: Noise Pollution – Pollution comes in many forms, including sound! And like all types of pollution, it can have a negative effect on humans and wildlife, such as whales and dolphins! Learn more about how it affects these ocean creatures, and how YOU can help prevent it.

Registration is now LIVE.

Find out more about this and other Ecologik virtual workshops.

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