Drawing showin a beach with a palm tree on the left with trash along the beach.

Volunteer Opportunities

Here are a couple of volunteer opportunities for you if you are interested.

Drawing showin a beach with a palm tree on the left with trash along the beach.

Come help clean up Ocean Beach on January 15 and receive a free pass for whale watching.

Please help us clean up Ocean Beach here in San Diego, CA! If you will be in San Diego, come on down and help us clean up Ocean Beach! Your efforts make a big difference for the health of our waterways and oceans.

As a thank you, San Diego Whale Watch will be giving you a FREE pass for a whale watching adventure.

You can find out more information or sign up for the clean up at:sdwhalewatch.com

Save Your Selfies, Show Us the Shore: Researchers Call on Citizen Scientists at Torrey Pines

View from a cliff overlooking the ocean. A road parallels the ocean on the right.

    When you walk along the trails at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, you are promised to see a few things like the ocean view, jagged rock formations and, of course, people snapping photos.

    But, what if those photos could help inform a global science project?

    That’s where Scripps Institution of Oceanography and CoastSnap come in. CoastSnap is a community beach monitoring platform, available around the world, that crowdsources data collection by making it easy for anyone with a smartphone to submit photos of a certain location.

    Read more…

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