About Eppley

About EppleyIntroduction

The Eppley Institute is Indiana University’s unique outreach program for the park, recreation and public land management professions and works to enhance the quality of natural, cultural, and recreational experiences for all people. With the resources of Indiana University, the Eppley Institute has access to experts and a technology support system that is difficult to duplicate. The Eppley Institute provides expertise in several areas, including technical assistance and research, planning and design, and training and education for the National Park Service and other similar organizations around the world.

Our Roots

 As a unit of the Department of Recreation, Park, and Tourism Studies, the Eppley Institute has a rich history and legacy related to park and recreation management. Indiana University, one of the first park and recreation management degree granting universities in the nation, has been a leader in parks, recreation and public lands education, research and technical assistance since 1946. Learn more about our history and mission.

Go to www.eppley.org and click on Catalog and Interpretation to learn more about courses and training in interpretation.  Eppley is a partner of the National Park Service.

Recommended for new interpreters:

NPS History – Free

Foundations of Interpretation – Free

Interpretive Talk

Informal Visitor Contacts

(and more)

Contact your Volunteer Coordinator for more information.

For registration purposes, Cabrillo National Monument is in the Pacific West Region, or PWR.

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