All Employee Meeting Minutes -17 February 2016

All employees meeting 2/17/2016

Attendance – Charles, Keith, Debbie, Emily, Johnny, Marty, Bonnie, Ralph, Gerrie, Tavio, Andrea, Rudy, Matt, Eliot, Amanda, Alex

Maintenance hosting – field trip to follow (history of Visitor Center Complex and Mission 66) 

Safety message –

  • The heat is here remember to keep in mind wearing brim hats, sunscreen, keep hydrated while out and about in the park
  • Watch out for rattlesnakes, in spring time they are looking to stake out a new territory, Keith notes that Cabrillo is saturated with rattlesnakes and the new babies are looking to etch out a territory, they are also more dangerous because they will release all their venom

Maintenance update –

  • Plans in works with Denver Service Center for management plans
  • Trail mgmt. plan, to assess trails and looks and potential for loop trails – loop bayside trail and make a trail down to the tidepools
  • Accessibility transition plan – connect with trails
  • Sign plan
  • All plans will have mandatory planned workshop for employee input (stay tuned)
  • Trail at tidepools to be fixed – remove rebar and old logs and put in steps –
  • Eliott – Ultimate Frisbee at Liberty Station to change for Wednesday 6pm – all are welcome

Natural Resources

  • Busy season, herpetological monitoring and invasive weed removal
  • Keith mentions Stephanie is continuing with herpetological surveys and peregrine falcon monitoring, training new avian biologist banding young chicks
  • Our nest is one of the most successful around, peregrines from the CABR nest have been spotted from all the way from Santa Barbra to Oregon
  • Adam – working with Agave – cross-pollinating, running greenhouse, they have germinated over 1,000 plants and will help with wildflower exhibit
  • Alex W. – working on wildflower exhibit –also working on Bio Blitz May 21-22, over 20 experts coming in for survey and huge festival – yeay big science fun day. Science educational programs going good
  • Johnny Jones – new biologist – will take over intertidal monitoring, lots to do. Thank you for warm welcome glad to be all moved from Washington – recently attended training on San Nicholas Island – great training. Learned about biology – temperature sensors training – looking at this for Cabrillo to monitor temps – warmer temps with El Niño can bring diseases bacteria and viral pathogens. It’s very good that we are getting on top of this issue.

Interpretation and Education Division

  • Debbie – VIP program, Oct –Dec VIPs contributed over 3,000 hours, Scout ranger program in the works, Looking to add mid-season tidepool training, Whale Watch Weekend – lots of VIPs signed up
  • Emily – Whale Watch Weekend (WWW) – mentioned a lot of things, it will be a good weekend, reiterated thanks to VIPs for all the help in making the event successful
  • Amanda – education meeting yesterday – lots of good things in the works – showed graph of number of students attending programs, numbers have doubled since 2011. Thank you to Alex and Andrew helping with science programs, Emily P from VALR helping on education programs
  • Interp is hiring 2 new positions – park guide 2 GS – 04
  • $9,000 grants every kid in the park and ticket to ride

Cabrillo National Monument Foundation

  • Gerrie – Grant time last year awarded by the city $50,417 eco development and tourism – applying again – promote park
  • WWW satellite locations whale overlook – and tidepools
  • We are getting a Hydration station – it will replace the water fountain by the Visitor Center. CNMF provided the funding, the project was initiated by Congressman Peters, the station is in just waiting installation by maintenance

Administration Division

  • Andrea – Thank you to everyone for a warm welcome. Excited about whale watch weekend – keep safety in mind for you and visitors. Be courteous and professional; be sure to get enough water and sunscreen
  • Had a meeting with navy, they reached out   – Attended change of command ceremony last week, Discussing access and memorandums, fire plan update
  • New region director – Laura Joss coming week of March 3 – changes things on down the line, They want to choose new superintendent before all this happens
  • Working on issues with phones with Navy 4 lines working now, If you have problems calling out or hear of problems of calls coming in please contact Andrea or TAPS
  • Questions on comments her door is always open
  • It was mentioned Andrea is wearing centennial badge – staff can purchase, email was sent to all and information is posted in the back room as well. 

Law Enforcement

  • Marty – issues with turning off alarms – be sure to tell Marty – turn off fans and lock doors be aware before you leave
  • Bonnie – getting things done – gearing up for TPERP, thank you to Pauline and the Weiders for helping – will be working with Debbie and Johnny to organize
  • Safety committee will be her priority; urges staff to look up courses on DOI learn that
  • Restated the importance of doors being locked for all our safety