Applying Tenets

NPS Tenets of Interpretation

Resources possess meanings and have relevance.

  • Resources act as icons for meanings.

Visitors are seeking something special —something of value for themselves.

  • Individuals find different value/meanings in the same resource.

Interpretation facilitates a connection between the interests of the visitor and the meanings of the resource.

  • Primary objective is to provide access to meanings.
  • Connections involve moments of intellectual and/or emotional revelation, perception, insight or discovery related to the meanings of the resource.
  • Connections are the bridge between information and meanings.

Role of Interpretation in Preservation

  • Audiences must care about a resource before they value the preservation of the resource.
  • The primary goal of interpretation is not to preach preservation but to facilitate an attitude of care on the part of the audience.
  • Preservation depends on audience access and personal connection to the meanings of the resource.

Last revised 17-Aug-13

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