NPS Archives – Visitor Center Complex, 1967

Visitor Center Restrooms Will Be Under Construction Starting December 9, 2019

The bathrooms at the Visitor Center will be closed starting December 9 for remodeling. This project is scheduled to take 3-6 months. Portable facilities will be provided during construction, and additional facilities are available at the lighthouse and tidepool areas. This project is funded by park entrance fees. Your fee dollars at work! Continue reading Visitor Center Restrooms Will Be Under Construction Starting December 9, 2019

Audio Description & Tactile Guide

You may have seen these round disks on the new waysides around the park. but you may not know why they are there. These disks accompany the Audio Description and Tactile Guide for the visually impaired. The guide and the disks include a Braille translation to assist the visitor. The guide divides the park into five areas, each of which contain waysides. Each wayside has … Continue reading Audio Description & Tactile Guide

The Bunker Gets A Wall Repaired

By Ken Glaze On November 9, the Channel Islands National Park Historic Preservation Crew began work to repair an area of concrete “spalling” near the entrance door. Here is what happened: concrete is not waterproof, so water filters through it.  In the case of the bunker, rain tended to collect over the door which caused the water to soak through the concrete the most right there.   … Continue reading The Bunker Gets A Wall Repaired

Meet Our Interdisciplinary Apprentices!

Setareh Nouriboshehri Cabrillo National Monument and the National Park Service are responsible for the protection and preservation of their natural and cultural resources for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of future generations. Sounds familiar, we know.  Here at this park, we care deeply about the future generation. We already offer wide range of robust education programs to teach about our park and its many resources … Continue reading Meet Our Interdisciplinary Apprentices!

Open Tower Day VIP Training

Open Tower Day is coming this Friday, November 15. Procedures for Open Tower Day are changing. To accommodate this, approximately 25 volunteers attended training on Friday evening, November 8. Ranger Julieanne introduced the new method of using tickets for Open Tower Day along with guided 30 minute tours for groups of 10 visitors. After the initial training in the auditorium, volunteers then hiked up to … Continue reading Open Tower Day VIP Training

Webinar On Climate Change & the Oceans

From Science News: Ocean of Changes Marine ecologist Malin Pinsky is leading the charge to collect the data needed to shape ocean policy amid global temperature rise. His lab at Rutgers University focuses on understanding “how marine ecosystems are changing, why they are changing and what choices we can make as a society to alter that course,” he says. On October 22 at 2:30 p.m. EDT, Science … Continue reading Webinar On Climate Change & the Oceans