Wildspot AR Lands in San Diego

Augmented Reality game is designed to attract new audiences to urban National Parks  In the new mobile game WildSpot, a disturbance in the space/time boundry between Earth’s dimension and a neighboring one threatens to introduce unusual and potentially destructive organisms and phenomena to our planet. Fortunately, WildSpot players can locate, document and control these bizarre outbreaks before they destabilize our world.  Developed by the American Association … Continue reading Wildspot AR Lands in San Diego

Tan sandstone cliffs along a rocky beach. Gray pillowy clouds cover the sky.

Time Lapse Video of Changing Tides

A time lapse video was created on January 31, 2022 of the changing tides at Cabrillo National Monument. The video was created over nine hours showing the progression from high tide (+7.3 feet) around 8am going to a low tide (-2.0 feet) around 3pm. As the tide recedes from the cliffs, visitors start exploring the tidepools. The number of visitors can range from several hundred … Continue reading Time Lapse Video of Changing Tides

Three girls in blue shirts, face masks and backpacks stand with city skyline in background

Guided Bird Walks in December

This guided bird walk is only available on Thursdays in December. So hurry if you want to take advantage of this before time runs out. Join youth volunteers and science educator Sam Wynns on a “Birding 101” guided bird watching walk! Participants will learn about local ecosystems, biodiversity, and how to spot and identify birds on this approximately 1 hr. long expedition that moves from … Continue reading Guided Bird Walks in December

People walking along rocky shore adjacent to sandstone cliffs

Cabrillo’s Tidepools Made the Top Ten List

According to treehugger.com, our rocky intertidal made the top 10 list of beaches in North America for exploring tidepools. We made the list at #9, but one advantage of our location is we have rules enforced for the tidepools to help protect them. We always knew we had a special place here and it’s nice to see others appreciate it as well. Have you been … Continue reading Cabrillo’s Tidepools Made the Top Ten List

A smiling woman wearing a pink shirt, brown jacket, and with reading glasses on her head stands next to a large, chalky-green succulent. This image is overlaid on top of a close-up shot of a cluster of tiny white flowers with yellow anthers.

Naturally Speaking Virtual Talk – Successful Pollination

Join us for the next Naturally Speaking Virtual Talk on Monday September 20 at 6:30pm. Dr. Sula Vanderplank – botanist and conservationist, will be speaking on “Successful Pollination – Factors that Influence the Plants and Pollinators of Coastal Southern and Baja California”. Register We all know that many plants need pollinators to propagate, but what happens when plants and their pollinators are out-of-sync? For example, it’s … Continue reading Naturally Speaking Virtual Talk – Successful Pollination