Black header with NPS Shield on right side. Below that reads COVID-19 Safety Alert. Under that has safety guidance for COIVD-19.

COVID-19 Safety Signs Now Posted at Park

New signs are up throughout the park in the following locations: Visitor Center patios, breezeway, statue, sidewalk to upper monument, Old Point Loma Lighthouse, Kelp Forest Overlook, and tidepools at both ends of the Coastal Trail. I’ve attached the sign here so you can all be familiar with what it says about requiring masks. If visitors ask you about it, here is a talking point … Continue reading COVID-19 Safety Signs Now Posted at Park

The head of a gray whale surfaces to breathe

Gray whales are starving and dying off at an alarming rate along the Pacific Coast

As long as yellow school bus and weighing as much as 20 cars, the eastern North Pacific gray whale is a gentle giant often seen breaching just off the California coast. As of 2016 the population consisted of 27,000 individuals, but around two years ago unusual numbers of whales started dying off, alarming scientists. Since 2019, gray whales have been decimated by something called an unusual mortality event, … Continue reading Gray whales are starving and dying off at an alarming rate along the Pacific Coast

A lighthouse and pine tree in shadow at sunset. The words Did You Know are in blue at the base of the image

Did You Know – Laws and Policies

Did you know that you could read the laws and policies that pertain to Cabrillo National Monument? These are all in the Superintendent’s Compendium and is available on the Cabrillo website. This is the document that guides everyone’s actions at the park. This compendium is updated when necessary. As you can see from the graphic above, the latest version is from May 2020. Changes needed … Continue reading Did You Know – Laws and Policies

Park volunteer Felix wears an unzipped dark-green jacket and stands on a cliff next to CVA Setareh, who is wearing a zipped navy-blue windbreaker with sunglasses and holding a colorful Flat Stanley cutout. Both Felix and Setareh are smiling at the camera and facing away from the ocean. Two people stand at the edge of the cliffs behind Setareh and Felix, with their faces away from the camera.

Volunteer Appreciation

Setareh Nouriboshehri, Community Volunteer Ambassador (CVA) Well VIPs, we sure went through an interesting last year!  While it’s easy to get lost in all of the events affecting our communities and world at large, we thought you may enjoy taking a break to zoom into and reflect on this particular volunteer community.  Here are a few handfuls of photographs—all of you and the ways you … Continue reading Volunteer Appreciation

Warming oceans may be choking off oxygen to starfish, causing them to ‘drown’

Warming ocean temperatures are fueling increases in organic material and bacteria that suck up oxygen in these watery habitats. Denise Chow is a reporter for NBC News Science focused on the environment and space.Jan. 7, 2021, 1:59 PM PST A mysterious wasting disease seen in starfish around the world may be the result of respiratory distress tied to warming oceans, according to a new study. … Continue reading Warming oceans may be choking off oxygen to starfish, causing them to ‘drown’