Open Tower Day VIP Training

Open Tower Day is coming this Friday, November 15. Procedures for Open Tower Day are changing. To accommodate this, approximately 25 volunteers attended training on Friday evening, November 8. Ranger Julieanne introduced the new method of using tickets for Open Tower Day along with guided 30 minute tours for groups of 10 visitors. After the initial training in the auditorium, volunteers then hiked up to … Continue reading Open Tower Day VIP Training

Webinar On Climate Change & the Oceans

From Science News: Ocean of Changes Marine ecologist Malin Pinsky is leading the charge to collect the data needed to shape ocean policy amid global temperature rise. His lab at Rutgers University focuses on understanding “how marine ecosystems are changing, why they are changing and what choices we can make as a society to alter that course,” he says. On October 22 at 2:30 p.m. EDT, Science … Continue reading Webinar On Climate Change & the Oceans

The Start Of The Entrance Fee At Cabrillo

Ranger Andrew received an email from a retired ranger, Bob Randall, who used to work at Cabrillo in the late 1980’s- early 1990’s. Mr. Randall was at the park recently and met Ranger Andrew. Mr. Randall was the ranger tasked with starting the entrance fee collection at Cabrillo. He has provided us with the following trip down memory lane as to how the fee collection … Continue reading The Start Of The Entrance Fee At Cabrillo

There’s a New Ranger in Town, actually several

If you haven’t noticed, or been to the park recently, there are a few changes in rangers at the park. Ranger Amanda is back from her four month detail. Ranger Bob retired at the end of August. Ranger JulieAnne is now in the Interp division. Rangers Chad and Donny are the new LE officers. The Foundation has a new Bookstore Manager. Her name is Dana. … Continue reading There’s a New Ranger in Town, actually several

A Marriage proposal at Cabrillo

Marriage Proposals at Cabrillo

There have been a lot of marriage proposals at Cabrillo over the years. This one took place on September 13 during a Moonwalk sponsored by the Cabrillo National Monument Foundation. The young man wanted to propose at Cabrillo at sunset but found out the park closed at 5pm. He contacted Emily Moore at the Foundation because he had learned there was a Moonwalk coming up. … Continue reading Marriage Proposals at Cabrillo

Volunteers in Period clothing for Open Tower Day

Open Tower Day – August 25, 2019

Open Tower Day was held on August 25, 2019. This is one of three days the tower is open to the public. This date corresponds with the birthday of the National Park Service. As always, on the birthday of the NPS, visitors are allowed into the park for free. This year, August 25 occurred on a Sunday, so not only was it a fee free … Continue reading Open Tower Day – August 25, 2019