Did You Know – VIP Voice News

Everyone, we are excited that Cabrillo is open again starting today! There is some news about the VIP Voice website. First of all you will notice that the annoying ads are now gone. Second, while this web address will still work, we have a new web address which might be easier to remember. Our new address is: CNMVIPVoice.org We will be changing all the current … Continue reading Did You Know – VIP Voice News

Photos of San Salvador Needed

The Ebinder Team Needs Your Help The Ebinder team is putting together a new document showing how the size of the San Salvador compares to other ships, including current day vessels.  We have several photos of the San Salvador sailing in the bay as it passes other ships, but we are looking for more. If you have any photos of the San Salvador with other … Continue reading Photos of San Salvador Needed

Reddy Ready to Roar

Hello Folks, I hope all is well and your are bundling up in San Diego wintertime. Its going to be a tough one with all the artificial snow and ice popping up around the county.  As you know, winter time brings king tides and whales so come on out and enjoy the drudgery of our winter.  I plugged out of the matrix for several weeks … Continue reading Reddy Ready to Roar