“Farewell CNM” by Emily Floyd

Greetings VIPs, friends and colleagues, With joy and a sting of sadness I would like to let you all know that I am leaving Cabrillo. December 16th will be my last day at work and I am officially leaving San Diego on December 20th. I am moving to Corvallis, Oregon to be with my family. I will be at work through this Saturday regular hours, then December 15 from 1 p.m.–3 … Continue reading “Farewell CNM” by Emily Floyd

Message from the Superintendent: Visitor Feedback

Dear VIPs: I received this wonderful letter from a visitor who took the time to write and extend his appreciation for the experience that he had at the park on a visit on March 22.  He was very complimentary of the experience that he had here, with both the volunteers and the staff.  I want to note a special thank you to Stan and Sally Bolle, Lonie Brown, Karen … Continue reading Message from the Superintendent: Visitor Feedback

Reminder: Interpretive Host Training

We’re offering free Interpretive Host Training this Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the auditorium, and we have only five remaining seats available for our VIPs. It will be a rewarding experience where you’ll gain interpretive skills and techniques that you can use in almost all areas. Most importantly, it will be a bonding experience, and the people we meet through these workshops enrich our professional and personal lives. … Continue reading Reminder: Interpretive Host Training

Free Canyoneer Training at the NAT

Dear Cabrillo Volunteers, The San Diego Natural History Museum Canyoneer program offers to the public free nature walks throughout San Diego County.  In a partnership with CNM, theNAT is offering an opportunity for you to participate in its upcoming Canyoneer training free of charge.  You are invited to attend any of the individual Canyoneer classes or complete the entire program and become a NAT Canyoneer. Below is … Continue reading Free Canyoneer Training at the NAT

O Dark Thirty

The sun had yet to rise for dawn and a steady trickle of volunteers made their pilgrimage down to the tidepools.  Their quest: to help remove trash from the rocky intertidal area at Cabrillo.  The -0.9 low tide at 6:11am not only allowed easier access to the trash but allowed the volunteers a unique experience: early morning within Cabrillo National Monument’s amazing tidepools without the … Continue reading O Dark Thirty