Message from the Superintendent: Visitor Feedback

Dear VIPs:

I received this wonderful letter from a visitor who took the time to write and extend his appreciation for the experience that he had at the park on a visit on March 22.  He was very complimentary of the experience that he had here, with both the volunteers and the staff.  I want to note a special thank you to Stan and Sally Bolle, Lonie Brown, Karen Hoekstra, and Mark McFann, all whom were working that day in capacities mentioned in Mr. Scarano’s letter.

I wanted to extend this letter to everyone as a thank you for all that you all do, and as a reminder that these appreciative visitors are the ones for which we all work hard to serve.  I am so delighted for these confirmations of the very positive experience that all of you provide for the public at Cabrillo National Monument, in all the ways that you all do – whether behind the scenes protecting and restoring the resources and facilities,or welcoming the visitors when they arrive, or keeping the facilities in good condition, or are one of the many faces that the visitors see and interact with.  Thank you all for the roles that you play to make these great experiences.


Andrea Compton


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