A sunset along a rocky shoreline.

What’s In the Tidepools – February 2021

Our volunteers at Cabrillo National Monument take photos of the exciting flora and fauna down in the tidepools. We want to try and capture the wonderful photos that volunteers are taking in the tidepool area. So we are starting this blog post which will get published on a monthly basis, but we need your help. We want you to contribute by submitting your memorable photos … Continue reading What’s In the Tidepools – February 2021

Broken sandstone rocks against a layered cliff. Several people are in the background looking at the rock fragments.

Another Major Bluff Collapse

Another major bluff collapse occurred midday in the tidepools on Wednesday February 17. This occurred in Zone 1 where the majority of the visitors view the tidepools. Luckily no one was injured. In fact our volunteers had to try to keep people from climbing on the rocks shortly after the collapse. The pile of rocks is still unstable and poses a danger to everyone. Once … Continue reading Another Major Bluff Collapse