Community Outreach

A Word About Community Outreach

Each year, Cabrillo National Monument strives to remind the public about our fantastic park by participating in a number of community outreach opportunities.
Outreach 1

These opportunities can be at large festivals that draw thousands of people over two or three days, such as the Festival of Sail, Whale Days, or the Cabrillo Festival; or they can be at much smaller events (such as the San Diego Museum Council’s Museum Mash Up) that last just a few hours.

Depending on the event, CNM will be represented by rangers, rangers and VIPs, or just VIPs.

Outreach 2We’ll set up a booth or a table at the venue with the appropriate National Park Service branding materials as well as promotional materials specific to CNM. We’ll often bring some interactive materials—such as whale bones, replica tidepool critters, or 16th Century armor—so visitors to our display can have a better understanding of what CNM is all about.

Events tailored toward children may have more age-appropriate activities, such as coloring, cut-outs, button-making, or Junior Ranger program information.

Part of the responsibility of participating in a community outreach opportunity involves assisting with the set-up and tear-down of our table, signs, displays, and tents/awnings.


Aside from the obvious perk of sharing Cabrillo National Monument with guests, volunteering at some of the larger festivals may include other perks as well. At the Festival of Sail, CNM volunteers have typically been granted admission to the San Diego Maritime Museum free of charge on the day they’re volunteering.


If you are interested in representing Cabrillo National Monument at a community outreach opportunity, please let your interest be known to the Volunteer Coordinator.


 revised 20-Jan-16

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