Helpful Websites

Pertinent to our local area
The park webpage.  Check it out as it gets more sophisticated.
Cabrillo National Monument Foundation
If you only look at one web page, look at this one. The Multi-Agency Rocky Intertidal Network (MARINe) is a group of folks that are monitoring the intertidal in Southern California—including Cabrillo. There is info on the program, descriptions of a lot of local species, and some data graphs you can check out as a result of our years of hard work.
San Diego’s Ocean page—a treasure trove of links to local ocean-related pages provided by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography uber-librarian, Peter Bruggeman.  The first place to look if you want info about just about anything in the local ocean, including marine weather, tides, El Niños, local projects (efforts to save the bay, grunion runs, etc.).
San Diego Coastal Ocean Observing System, including CODAR results that show you local currents in near real-time, and recent water quality data for this area. Click on Ocean Data to see the currents off Point Loma.
A gem created by local divers. Tends to be oriented towards divers, including species photos, dive site descriptions, and a listserv to get up-to-the-second info about all things marine in the area. They are always the first to report red tides, squid groundings, big upcoming storms, etc.
National Parks Conservation Association website features slideshow, park report, and latest news about CNM.
This website allows the general public to submit their photos and descriptions to help populate the database.

Information about intertidal plant life and animals
The slugsite, for those who love nudibranchs. Click on “Pacific Coast Nudibranchs” for pictures of guys you might recognize.
More nudibranch info.
Downloadable fish identification guide from the California Department of Fish and Game.
Cal Fish and Game put out this information about the state of marine resources in California.  It has some really useful info about species, which ones are harvested, which ones are of conservation interest, and more.
A really cool and complete database of fish from around the world. A great place to start your exploration about particular fishes.
Information about endangered marine plants and animals.
Invasive Seaweed on the San Diego Coast
Sea Star Wasting Disease
Share the Shore resources
Seal Sitters
Blubber Blog

Intertidal science stuff
CBRISC is a project of Dr. Kaustav Roy at UCSD to catalog and study the intertidal invertebrates of Southern California.  Lots of neat historical info and conservation-oriented stuff close to home. Includes lots of info collected here.
A cool survey done by UC Santa Cruz of the intertidal from Baja to Canada. Includes data that the team collected here at Cabrillo.
Tides and Water Levels
San Diego Natural History Museum
Birch Aquarium, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
How Do Tides Work? – A YouTube video explaining how tides work – tides
NOAA – Podcasts about Tides
NOAA – Storm Surge video
NOAA – Explanation of Tides:
Ocean education resource
Information about the world’s algae, to aid in taxonomic studies. Search by genus, species or common name. Includes distribution map.
Definitions of oceanography related terms

David Sibley’s website on bird identification
Great site for all things birds
The Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Collection of ornithology resources

Reptiles and amphibians
A guide to the amphibians and reptiles of California

The Guide to Snake Sightings in and Around Your Home: How to Safely Observe Serpents
A guide to help identify snakes around your home

Middle School Snake-Themed Lesson Plan: Ambush Warriors
A snake lesson plan for middle school teachers

Basic Facts About Snakes
Basic facts about snakes

Dealing With Snakes – Safely Handling Encounters
How to Safely Deal with Snakes
Reptile database

Climate Change Websites
National Park Service
Climate Science Alliance on the Start Here box)
Real Climate
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Environmental Protection Agency
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Scientific American
United States Global Change Research Program
Skeptical Science
National Center for Education
College of the Environment, University of Washington
Climate Change at the National Academies

Other related sites
Check this out! A guy took his helicopter and flew up and down the coast taking photos. His purpose was to document all of the illegal structures on the coast, but what he ended up doing was creating a complete photo database of aerial photos of the coast. Look up Cabrillo and you’ll see how cool this is! (Note: Point Cabrillo is not Cabrillo National Monument, which is on Point Loma).
National Park Service Inventory and Monitoring Program. Learn about what the park service is doing to protect our natural resources (and what the Natural Resource Science Division is so busy doing).
A list of marine and conservation conferences around the world. Some are local, many are international, but it is a fairly complete list if you have interest in checking it out.
A neat newsletter about marine reserves that tends to be on the cutting edge.
Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery
Locate a NPS unit
Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in San Pedro
Voices in the Sea—whale songs
American Cetacean Society teaching curriculum
Continues the legacy of the NPS History e-Library, linking to over 6500 NPS and park-related documents, some rare and not otherwise easily available. New content includes a large collection of past issues of NPS Courier, In Touch, CRM, and an ever-expanding collection of park brochures, with new electronic documents being added regularly.
This companion Website is the largest digital library of documents about Parks Canada and the Canadian National Park/Historic Site/Marine Conservation Area System.
NPS YouTube Videos
Department of Interior YouTube Videos

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