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A Junior Ranger badge is waiting for you! – NPS Photo

Excerpt from the Cabrillo National Monument webpage:


Be a Junior Ranger

Cabrillo National Monument is a great place for kids of all ages – there’s plenty to learn!

The Junior Ranger Program is a fun way to find out more about the park, and is a chance to earn a Junior Ranger badge. When you arrive, go to the Visitor Center and ask for a free “Just For Kids” newspaper. Visit the different areas of the park to learn more about 16th century exploration, ships and aircraft, whales, and natural and military history. When you are done, bring the newspaper back to the Visitor Center and discuss your answers with a Park Ranger or Volunteer – and be awarded a Junior Ranger badge!

Please note: Because of the activities, our Junior Ranger program must be completed while you are actually in the park – it cannot be completed at home and a Junior Ranger badge mailed. Plus, part of the fun is receiving the Junior Ranger Oath and Badge from a real Park Ranger! We hope you will come to Cabrillo National Monument and embark on your own Junior Ranger voyage of discovery.

Junior Rangers learning about 16th Century arms and armor.

The Junior Ranger program is designed to engage children and families in the stories embodied in their national parks. Children complete activity books that lead them through the park in a kid-friendly way. They are drawn to parts of the park story that they can relate to. When completed, they present their booklets to a ranger to earn a badge (sticker for preschoolers) and a certificate. There are Junior Ranger programs in nearly all national park areas. Children who have completed Junior Ranger programs at other national park areas are encouraged to wear their Junior Ranger badges from those parks to Junior Ranger Day at Cabrillo.

The National Park Service also has an online WebRanger program (www.nps.gov/webrangers/).

Last revised 23-Jan-16

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