Lighthouse SOP

Old Point Loma Lighthouse Information Station

Standard Operating Procedures


•   Sign up for a lighthouse shift in Volgistics

•   Arrive at the park about 15 minutes prior to the start of your shift

•   Go to the Interpretation Office and do the following:

  1. Check out a radio–write your name and the number of the radio on the check-out/in sheet (be sure to do a radio check)
  2. Pick up the lighthouse key from the key rack (#4 key on the Hawaii keychain)

•   Go to the Visitor Center and let them know the Lighthouse Information Station is open

•   Walk up to the Old Lighthouse and unlock the lock on the kitchen side of the lighthouse (you can move the lock to the second latch and re-lock it if you want to, or take the lock with you into the pantry/storage area). You can also unlock the parlor side–just be sure to put the rope up (visitors should not be allowed in the parlor)

•   Open the unlocked door (it may scrape the floor a bit because of humidity) and make sure you put the rope up once you have entered the kitchen (this should keep people from walking in without your invitation)

•   Put out the ‘Please do not touch’ sign (you should find the sign on the stove)

•   Put a stack of brochures and current Cabrillo Journals/Visitor Guides on the window sill just outside the kitchen (extras are usually kept in the cupboards of the pantry area)

•   Get the people counter from the pantry cabinet to count your interpretive contacts

•   Use the radio to report that you are at the Lighthouse Information Station

•   There are some laminated pictures and other lighthouse reference materials in the pantry area to which you can refer during your shift

•   At your discretion, you may allow small groups of visitors to come into the kitchen while you are there. They are welcome to look around the area (including the pantry) with the admonition to avoid touching items

•   At the end of your shift, make sure you record the number of visitor interpretive contacts you made on the log in the pantry, and then place the people counter back in the cabinet

•   Put the brochures and Cabrillo Journals/Visitor Guides back in the pantry cabinet

•   Move the ‘Please do not touch’ sign so it is laying flat on the stove

•   Remove the rope from across the doorway(s)

•   Close the door(s) carefully and make sure you latch it/them properly before re-locking the lock(s)

•   Use the radio to report that you are leaving the Lighthouse Information Station

•   Return the radio and key to the Interpretation Office; turn off your radio and make sure it is placed properly in the caddy so that it will be recharged for the next VIP, and log it back in the check-out/in sheet. Be sure to return the key to the key rack

•   Don’t forget to log your hours in Volgistics–thanks for volunteering!

Last revised 08-Jan-17