Lighthouse SOP

Old Point Loma Lighthouse Information Station

Standard Operating Procedures



This SOP outlines the procedures and expectations for opening lighthouse rooms and/or roving in the lighthouse area.

1) Expectations

The NPS staff or VIP will be professional and welcoming in all interactions with the public. They will educate visitors about the lighthouse and Cabrillo NM as a whole and also promote protection of the resource.

2) Procedure

    • Sign-up for a Lighthouse Information Station shift in Volgistics. There are two available slots each from 10 – 12, 12-2, and 2-4.
    • Go to the Interpretation Office and do the following:
      • Check out a radio & do a radio check
      • Pick up the lighthouse key (if you plan to open the rooms) and sign it out on the sign-out log. The key is on a plastic Hawaii keychain.
      • Pick up a people counter from the bin above the radio checkout

    • If opening a lighthouse room, go to the Visitor Center and let the front desk know that the lighthouse will be open and for how long. Add this information to the Daily Information Board (the dry erase board) so that visitors know about this special opportunity.

    • Walk up to the Old Point Loma Lighthouse or drive up if needed. If you need a ride on busy days, radio Law Enforcement for a ride and wait for the ride by the flagpole.
      • You may choose to rove or open one lighthouse room per VIP/ staff available. If one person, choose either the kitchen or parlor. If two people, you can also open one upstairs room in addition to one downstairs room.
      • Use the number 4 key to open lighthouse room/s. Immediately secure the lock back onto the second latch so that you don’t get locked in. Open the unlocked door/s (it may scrape because of humidity).
      • Use the people counter you picked up in the Interp. Office to count your interpretive contacts. Remember that these are interpretive, not everyone that you greet.
      • There are some laminated pictures and other lighthouse reference materials in the cabinets above the sink in pantry area that you can reference and show to visitors.
      • You may allow visitors to enter into the open room while you are there. Greet them, briefly introduce the lighthouse history if possible, and remind visitors to look and not touch items.
      • If it is very busy with too many people entering at the same time, you may put up the rope next to the doors to limit access to the room/s. You can still allow small groups to enter.
    • At the end of your shift, return any images/ materials to the pantry. Close the door/s carefully and make sure you latch it/them properly before relocking the lock/s.

    • Back at the Interpretation Office:
      • Turn off your radio and return the radio, key, and people counter
      • Record your # of visitor contacts on the “Interpretive Contacts” sheet next to the radio sign-out
      • Log any special notes (suggestions, unusual visitation, etc.) for the rangers in the green Record Book in the VC.
      • Don’t forget to log your hours in Volgistics – thanks for volunteering!

3) Other Considerations

    • For emergencies and/or park violations, radio “Any Law Enforcement” and report the issue. We have a first aid kit in the lighthouse pantry cabinet & an AED in the AKQ (Assistant Keepers Quarters)
    • For any issues in the lighthouse (misplaced items, rodent droppings, smell, etc.), radio 799 or the ranger on duty.

This SOP is located on the SOP CABR folder on the Cabrillo T Drive: T:\SOP CABR

Last edit: 1/15/20 J.Fontana

Last revised 23-Jan-20