November All Employees Meeting Minutes

All Employees Meeting 12 PM 11/18/15

Eileen, Stephanie, Debbie, Tom, Bob, Matt, Elliot, Rudy, Charles, Don, Daniel, Amanda

  • Welcome back Bonnie from Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, she will lead up the safety committee per Tom W. request. Each division should have a member to report to Bonnie on safety matters.  
  • Tom W. reports Convergence permit by permiteee was in violation with codes 106 and 110. Tom W. and Charles and Leann will have a walk through of entire park to assest loss and damages.
  • Tom W. reports Thanksgiving and Christmas the park will be closed.
  • Tom W. reports the balloon parade is Dec 30, we need VIP’s and staff to handle 45 ft inflatable whale and marchers to wave.
  • Retirement party for Tom W. is January 23 at CNM.
  • Entrance Station/ Daniel reported new fee signs are getting finalized.
  • Bob working on removing all useful books in the library to be frozen for 3 days and stored in Museum Storage. All other books will be boxed and removed from the admin building. Bobs books of interest worth saving are History, Anthropology and Geology. All books that will be removed will be inventoried and accounted for. Legally offer them to another park and or donate to a library such as Coronado Library, because they have good book sales.
  • Stephanie reports Keith is working offsite to obtain grant and funding sources and information. Its almost Tidepool monitoring season. The new Marine Biologist, Johnny Jones will be partaking in the monitoring next week and will begin working here soon. Ongoing shorebird and Herp monitoring. SEA LIFE AIR to debut in the VC December 1, 2015. A month long exhibit of unique real life photographs on a white background; flora and fauna images.
  • Amanda reports CABR. was awarded a $9,000 transportation grant. Debbie working on EKiP Outreach. School programs are consistant.
  • Ralph reports fiscal 2014 CABR. Reached the million visitor chart! Visitation is continually rising. Currently CABR. has two VIP’s that help at the ES; Cherrie B. and Patrick.
  • Fee increase January 1, 2016. Eileen will do a press release.
  • Charles reports on several 2016 funded projects; one being a rehab for the VC restrooms. $500,000 in funding for fiscal 2016. Also reported, many signs and a piece of picket fence by the LH had blown down due to strong winds. Maitenance doing a great job keeping the park clean due to our one million visitors per year.
  • Charles wrapping up 231 feet of tidepool trail repair.
  • Charles reports $16,000 in funding for Living History. Eileen mentioned; perfect timing due to the new film.
  • Rudy and maintenance team having a potluck on Tuesday November 24 at 12 PM.  Rudy’s famous adobo ribs. Elliot sent out an email, please respond to all with RSVP and what you will contribute.
  • Eileen reports Debbie will be Acting VIP Coordinator while Tavio is on leave for 2 months. VIP Coordination discussions with Debbie to begin.
  • Eileen reports to please send her information on damages seen from Convergence as well as a tally of Government hours you worked in cleaning up damages from the artwork/ artists.
  • Eileen thanked Ralph for his search and rescue efforts during the Convergence event.
  • Eileen reports there will be a CPR training for staff led by a certified VIP. It is $35 per person. Could also be extended to VIP’s.
  • Tom W. reports Wildland Fire Training begins Dec. 4 for all that are interested. The training to be held at CABR.
  • Matt from maintenance gave a brief history of himself. Married 11 years. Was in the Coast Guard, everyone welcomed him aboard!
  • Elliot reports Tuesday night frizbee and encourages all to join. Located at Liberty Station 6 PM. He sends out an email weekly. No frizbee this next week because of Thanksgiving.

Adjourned at 12:45

Respectfully submitted,

Debbie Sherman