Personal Performance Tips

No one is great the first time.  Practice on and off the site of the program.

Become familiar with the site:
Your presentation should be resource connected. Be sure you know your site and its elements.

Be heard:
Speak up. Don’t mumble. Face your audience. Project your voice.

Be physically direct:
Make eye contact. Speak with authority; use your body language (80% of communication is non-verbal)

Be conversational:
Talk with people, not at them.  Don’t shout; keep tonal flexibility in your voice.

Know your audience:
Ask questions; observe dress and demeanor. Pay attention to questions and analyze attitude.

Use proper grammar:
Use words correctly and make sure of pronunciation.

Be well groomed:
Look neat. Wear a clean uniform and wear it correctly.

Use all the senses:
Don’t rely on sight and sound alone. Touch, taste, and smell when possible. Appeal to the senses when first-hand experience is not available.

Set a reasonable pace and length:
People don’t like to sit for more than 20-30 minutes. In walks, do not go as slow as the slowest person or as fast as the fastest person. Select an appropriate pace for the program, weather, and terrain.

Be accurate:
Accuracy is our hallmark. Do your research and know your sources.

Be flexible:
Be ready for change and unexpected events. Laugh and have a good time with the visitors. They’re on vacation!

Last revised 14-Jul-13

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