Radio Procedures

How to initiate a call:
  • Be sure that your radio is turned on and on Channel 2. Think about what you want to say before you transmit.
  • Listen before transmitting. If no one else is on the air at the time, make sure to fully press your radio talk button for one second before you begin speaking. Call the person’s call number, then your own call number. For example: 201-pause-211 (211 was calling 201). Release the talk button and wait 10-15 seconds for an answer and repeat if
    necessary. If after two or three attempts, you did not contact the person you want, clear the air by saying “No contact-211). DO NOT say “clear, out, or over” to end a conversation.
  • Make radio transmission brief using clear language conversation and speak clearly into the radio.
  • DO NOT TRANSMIT IN THE BLIND. Be sure you have made contact with someone before transmitting your message. There are times when the visitor center (KOP799) is away from the desk, on the telephone, or listening to visitors and will not hear you. If 799 does not answer immediately, please wait 15-20 seconds before re-trying to contact them.
  • Contact Law Enforcement as an alternative to KOP799/Visitor Center if KOP799 is not responding.
  • If you are told to stand by, please do, unless you have emergency traffic. If you have emergency traffic, say, “KOP799/Visitor Center-break for emergency traffic.”
How to receive a call:
  • When someone calls your number, respond only with your number and your location. For example: Initial call “210-pause-214”. You answer “210, Ocean view.” Always respond with location.
  • When you receive information, whether from 799 or another unit, always say “COPY” and repeat part of the message, so it’s clear you understood the communication. For example: “COPY” – heading to Ocean View.”
How to end a transmission:
  • When conversation is finished, sign off with your number and nothing else. DO NOT say, “that’s all, clear, over, or out.”
**Please test your radio and perform a radio check prior to leaving the administration building.

Last revised 09-Sep-14

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