Seasons of Cabrillo

Winter (November through February)

  1. Low tides become more common
  2. Whale migration
  3. Winter birds become more noticeable
  4. Beginning of San Diego storm season
  5. The “greening” of Cabrillo NM as plants respond to the rain.
  6. Pupping season for harbor seals and sea lions.
  7. Best time of the year for sunset pictures from inside the monument
  8. Two of the peak attendance periods occur (Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays)

Spring (March through May)

  1. Spring flowers such as Bush Sunflower (Encelia californica) and California Sea Dahlia (Coreopsis maritima) bloom. The dominant early flowers areyellow.
  2. Bird activity picks up. Breeding, chick-raising, northern migration.
  3. Best sunset pictures can be taken from Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery

Summer (June through August)

  1. Mid- to late season plants bloom. Yellow flowers go past their peak, red/purple/white flowers become dominant.
  2. Dry weather becomes prevailing pattern.
  3. Not a good season for tide pool viewing due to lack of tides low enough for exposure.

Fall (Sept. through October)

  1. Bird migration begins
  2. Hurricane season in western Mexico
  3. School year begins, park attendance tends to go down.
  4. Anniversary of Cabrillo’s arrival in San Diego Bay (Sept. 28, 1542)
  5. Cabrillo Festival takes place on Ballast Point on the closest Saturday to Sept. 28th

Last revised 23-Jan-20