Serpulid Worm

Serpulid Worms (Spirorbids)

Contributed by Dr. Bonnie Becker

Serpulid Worms

Where found:  In small, tightly-coiled, calcareous tubes (openings with diameter less than 1mm) on immersed small, round boulders.

Interesting facts:  Tiny red gills stick out of the tubes, which will disappear if the rock is touched.

Adaptations:  Living in calcareous tubes protects the worm from predation and desiccation.

Food: They are filter feeders, gathering food particles from the water.

Life history:  These animals are hermaphrodites. They brood their young.

Phylum:           Annelida (segmented worms)
Class:              Polychaeta (Bristle worms, Fan worms, Clam worms, etc.)
Order:             Sabellida
Family:            Serpulidae

Last revised 11-Jun-13