A plant in a clay pot sits on a table outside.

Have You Seen Me Along the Coastal Trail?

A few months ago non-native plant bulbs were spread along the Coastal Trail by visitors. While hopefully all of them were collected, there may have been a few that escaped detection. Staff have been growing a few of the bulbs in the greenhouse to see what they are. These photos show one of these bulbs after it has sprouted. You can help out the staff … Continue reading Have You Seen Me Along the Coastal Trail?

What a Mess!

The establishment of the Chief Petty Officer grade in the United States Navy on April 1st, 1893 is an event worthy of commemoration, and a CPO Mess came out to Cabrillo this spring to celebrate their 121st birthday. The group volunteered at Cabrillo on multiple days and assisted rangers in conservation efforts throughout the park. With the people power of over 70 active military men … Continue reading What a Mess!