Open My Ashmolean

My Friends and Cool Cats in the back, Days are getting longer, the migratory birds are migrating (away), flux capacitor–still doing its thing–and we have some festive events set for this summer.  Hike to swimming holes or surf spots, skip in the mountains and sing.  Enjoy!  My latest gab for you:  Newbies: Volunteer Recruitment We had a good turnout for our recruitment.  Our new recruits … Continue reading Open My Ashmolean

Angel of the Battlefield

Hello All, The Fin whale is still dead. It is reported to be a juvenile, male about 50ft.  There is a lot of buzz from visitors asking about it due to news coverage.  It is beached in a cove on the wastewater treatment complex and is not visible from Cabrillo.  I hear the wind say they might tow it to perform a necropsy but you … Continue reading Angel of the Battlefield

Move to Improve Challenge

The Move to Improve Challenge 2014, Saturday, August 9, 2014 10am-4pm, is a dynamic sustainable celebration to promote the individual and collective health and wellness within our communities in San Diego. “In every deliberation, we must consider the impact on the seventh generation… even if it requires having skin as thick as the bark of a pine.” – This is an often repeated saying, and … Continue reading Move to Improve Challenge

Extra! Extra! Get your “Cabrillo Journal”

The Spring/Summer edition of the Cabrillo Journal is now in print! Be sure to check out the latest and greatest on all the happenings at Cabrillo National Monument: “You’ve Just Arrived, Now What?” Visitor Activities & Information 2014 Calendar of events News from around the park Other informative features The next time you’re in the park, grab a handful of Cabrillo Journals and share them … Continue reading Extra! Extra! Get your “Cabrillo Journal”