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My Friends and Cool Cats in the back,

Days are getting longer, the migratory birds are migrating (away), flux capacitor–still doing its thing–and we have some festive events set for this summer.  Hike to swimming holes or surf spots, skip in the mountains and sing.  Enjoy!  My latest gab for you: 

Newbies: Volunteer Recruitment

We had a good turnout for our recruitment.  Our new recruits are diving into the orientation and you will probably see some new faces walking around getting to know the Park.  If you happen to cross paths with any of them please welcome them to the madness. Also, Thanks to the volunteers who shared their stories and interacted with the new volunteers at the recruitment.

Retrofitting our Old Bones

Update from latest construction meeting regarding the Lighthouse, Breezeway, and View Building:

  • Lighthouse is now back open to the public.
  • Work will continue on a portion of the Breezeway, scheduled completion 6/13. The southwest portion of the breezeway will be barricaded. Visitors can still access the vending machines, Auditorium/Exhibit, restrooms, View building, etc.
  • Due to unforeseen conditions, View Building completion is now pushed back to July 11th.
  •  The patios around the View Building will remain open during the View Building closure. 

Lighthouse Preservation Project, June 8th-13th

The lighthouse retrofitting is complete and we think this preservation project very appropriate. With an empty lighthouse, there is an opportunity to do some re-organizing and updating the historical accuracy of lighthouse.  Below is a brief list of jobs we need help with:

  • We need temporary signs that tell people what is happening, explaining this re-furnishing.
  • Painting.
  • Light and deep cleaning artifacts/wood/textiles.
  • Moving furniture.
  • Help replacing straw matting on floors in all rooms except kitchen.
  • Re-labeling of the tags and labels on artifacts that are old and crispy.

Contact Emily ( if you want to help out with “Ole One Eye” in the subject line. 

Parks and Open Spaces Saturday June 7th

It is back again and we are gearing up for another festive event.  Along with our standard booth set up and presentations we are having a group of around 20 pre-1916 cars coming out to park around the lighthouse.  If you would like to help out for the event you can sign up on Volgistics.  If you would like to do a presentation, lead a hike or juggle on that day for the public please send me an email with “I joculari” in the subject line.

June 14th 10:00am to 2:00pm, Tidepool Education Table Training

If you are interested in staffing our table during the summer or anytime during the year, this is a good training for you to attend.  Good low tides during the summer months do not coincide with our Park hours.  Most visitors do not know this and it is a great opportunity to teach them about the tides,  tidepool ecology, and that the tilt of the earth is not in their favor.  If you arer interested send Bonnie ( an email with “Table Top Stuffing” in the subject line.

OB Street Fair, June 28th, 10:00am to 3:30

We are looking for a few folks to help staff our booth for this event.  Represent Cabrillo and interact with a colorful crowd.  If you would like to help out with the event please email me with “The Strand” in the subject line.

Move to Improve Challenge (2014): Elevate Your View, Healthy and Sustainable Parks Day, August 9th

The day has three parts to it.  We need your help for all three parts and to make this event a success and an annual event for us.

6:00am to 9:00am – Bike Race

9:00am to 5:00pm – Booths and exhibitors and friendly ride to Cabrillo event

5:00 to 9:00pm- Sunset/Moon and dancing to some beats

If you would like to help out please send Tavio an email with “hill repeats” in the subject line. 

Lecture Series

 June 13th 6:30pm, Herps and You

SDSU Evolutionary Biologist Stephen Rice is loaded with slithering stories of snakes and salamanders.  He has a lot of field experience throughout San Diego County and is ready to share his world with us. Learn about the reptilian world at Cabrillo and hear about Stephen’s genetics study on rattlesnakes.

After Stephen’s talk (about 30 mins in duration) we plan to take a walk to one of the arrays to see what might be waiting for us.  We will be walking on trail so wear appropriate shoes if you want to journey into the bushes. If you can’t walk with us to the array, you are welcomed to stick around to watch sunset and full moonrise. Please RSVP with “descent of species” in the subject line.  When you head to the Cabrillo entrance there will be a park representative to great you.  State you are here for the lecture, park and head to our visitor center/auditorium.  See you there!

 August 7th, 6:30pm, Cabrillo Geo

Engineering geologist Michael Hart takes us on a virtual geologic tour of the peninsula.  We are set up for a birds-eye geological overview of the formations that make up the sand we stand on.  Also, learn about land uplift rates and how faults and landslides affect buildings/complexes.  If you would like to attend please RSVP with “horst block” in the subject line.

 Rails to Trails

Do you remember your days of riding the rails?  When things were E.P.I.C. in California and Guthrie was thinking about the Garden of Eden?  Well, Cabrillo is taking the lead to head up the Pacific Surfliner Rails to Trails program.  This means we jump on trains and interpret southern California history.  Sound interesting?  We are looking for a couple of volunteers that might want to help with this program.  We need a longer term commitment from you and participation in a variety of training is required.  If you can commit to this and are interested please send me an email with “Don’t throw Mama” in the subject line.

Our Friends, Supporters, and Partners

Cabrillo National Monument Conservancy

A Lighthouse and the Strawberry Moon

Walk when the Strawberry Moon is Full on June 13, 2014. Sunset will be at 7:57 PM then the Strawberry Full Moon will rise at 8:37 PM. Come to Cabrillo National Monument to enjoy this wonderful special after hours event and support San Diego’s only National Park.

Members free, all people in a member’s car free, public (non-members) $10 per passenger vehicle. The $10 can be applied toward CNMC membership for 30 days after the event. Sign up today to become a member to save throughout the year on this event and other special after hours events like this one.

 Above the Fireworks, July 4th

Tickets for this event are going fast.  Spread the word in your communities.  At Cabrillo you can see around a dozen firework shows from our perch.  If you would like to help out for this event please send me an email with “2nd Annual?” in the subject line.  Duties include traffic control, roving, helping set up and break down the event.  Job openings are filled on a first come first served basis.  For more info on the event and to get tickets go to below link:

Signed, Sealed, Delivered,



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