December 2022 calendar with single squiggly horizontal line through squares indicates high and low tides. Everyday the line goes down twice and up twice. Contact for more details about the calendar.

December 2022 – Tides

Our dedicated volunteers at Cabrillo National Monument take photos of the exciting flora and fauna down in the tidepools! We want to try and capture the wonderful photos that volunteers are taking in the tidepool area. This blog post is published on a monthly basis, but we need your help. We encourage you to keep contributing by submitting your memorable photos and/or short videos to These can … Continue reading December 2022 – Tides

California Academy of Sciences Needs Your Help

The California Academy of Sciences needs your help in documenting specific marine species. If you have any photos that could help, please upload them to iNaturalist. The California Academy of Sciences has put together a list of marine ‘Most-Wanted Species’. We hope that will you are out on the coast, you can document as many species as possible, with an eye toward finding and recording … Continue reading California Academy of Sciences Needs Your Help