Happy Birthday TPERP!

The TPERP Program just celebrated its 23rd year at Cabrillo National Monument on November 9th. Do you know why the TPERP Program was implemented? The program was started for several reasons but basically the public was loving the tidepools to death. This is what Cabrillo Road to the tidepools looked like in the early 1970’s. Those cars are not waiting to get a parking spot, … Continue reading Happy Birthday TPERP!

Tidepool Tips – Bluff Collapse

Just in case anyone needed proof about the unstable bluffs in the tidepools, take a look at these photos. This bluff collapse occurred Monday night at the entrance to the tidepools. The fallen safety sign is a perfect example of why we do our best to keep visitors safe and away from the bluff edges, as these collapses can occur at any time. Stay safe … Continue reading Tidepool Tips – Bluff Collapse

Tidepool Tips – Change In Scenery

As we officially open our Tidepool season on Friday, TPERPS may notice a difference in the landscape. One of our dangerous rocks that have been precariously hanging at the entrance to the tidepools is now at the bottom of the cliff. After repeated attempts to keep visitors back from the edge, and even having people stand on the rock for selfies, law enforcement decided to … Continue reading Tidepool Tips – Change In Scenery