Tidepool Safety Tips – Arch Collapse

We recently talked about the large crack that was noticed in the arch at the entrance to the tidepools. Well Mother Nature once again showed us who is in charge. The arch collapsed in the morning of September 9, during the high tide. We expect the remaining column of the arch to fall down soon. In addition to the arch collapse, we have also started … Continue reading Tidepool Safety Tips – Arch Collapse

Upcoming Training Opportunities

If you are interested in Tidepool training or Trails and Rails training, now is your chance. Tidepool Training Tidepool training will be occurring this Saturday February 8. Last chance to sign up. Send an email to cabr_volunteers@nps.gov. Trails & Rails Training There will be training for the Trails & Rails program on February 22. The Training is required for anyone wanting to participate in the … Continue reading Upcoming Training Opportunities