The World As It Relates To Us In 1542

by Robert W. Munson


If we were alive in 1542, the world around us would look something like this:

Carlos of Habsburg

His mother was Queen Juana the Mad, but we do not talk about that as she was the daughter of the great Isabella and Ferdinand.

His father was Felipe I.

He has been King Carlos I of Spain since 1516.

He has been Emperor Karl V of the Holy Roman Empire since 1519.

He married the beautiful infanta of Portugal; Isabella, in 1526. She was a strong supporter of education and was greatly loved by everyone.

Our beloved Empress Isabella died young three years ago (1539).

Prince Felipe, heir apparent, was born in 1498.

Francis I, King of France

He has been king of France since 1515. During those 27 years we have been  at war with France for 21.

These wars have continued despite the fact his Queen is Eleanor, widow of King

Manuel I of Portugal, and Sister of our Emperor Carlos V!

He is reputed to be a tasteful and chivalrous prince with a glittering court, yet he has been known to make alliances with the heathen Turk!

His pirates from the Biscay ports are the scourge of the Atlantic, even in peacetime.

We are currently allied with King Henry VIII of England against France and Scotland.

Henry VIII, King of England

He has been King of England since 1509.

He married our Infanta Catherine the same year he was crowned.

He is allied with Spain against France despite his repudiation of our Infanta

Catherine his true and only Queen, his excommunication by Rome, and his bigamous marriage to the puta Anne Boelyn in 1533.

Boelyn produced the illegitimate princess Elizabeth before her just execution in 1536.

Unfortunately our beloved Catherine died that same year before she could be recognized as the true Queen. Still, Catherine left princess Mary who is betrothed to Prince Felipe.

Henry married Lady Jane Seymour who died giving birth to prince Edward who has been proclaimed heir apparent to the throne of England. We hear he is a sickly child who may not live to take the throne, which would make Princess Mary the Queen. This is God’s condemnation on Henry’s unholy wedlock.

Henry married Anne of Cleves three years ago, but this union has not produced an heir. This confirms that God views Princess Mary as the only righteous fruit of Henry’s loins.

King Joao III “the Pious” of Portugal

He married Catherine of Austria in 1525. They have had nine children, all of whom have died.

He has been king of Portugal since 1521.

The Portuguese have reached India, but we are trying to reach China.

Suleiman I “the Magnificent” Sultan of the Turks

He has been sultan all our adult lives, having inherited the Divan from his father Selim I in 1520.

He is said to be a wise and learned man, and a just ruler, for a heathen.

He is also a devil incarnate bent on destroying Christianity.

He destroyed the holy Knights of St. John and occupied Rhodes in 1520, which made the eastern Mediterranean a heathen lake and ruined Venice and Genoa as cities of trade.

His pirates continue to raid throughout the central sea as did his father Selim’s.

At the Battle of Mohacs in 1526 he defeated the Hungarians, killed their king Louis II, and sacked their capital city of Buda.

His armies seem invincible. Only the soldiers of Spain can stop him, yet we must instead spend our time fighting the French!

His Holiness is Pope Paul III, the former Alessandro Farnese

He was ordained in 1519.

He was raised to the papacy in 1534.

He has tried long and hard to negotiate a peace between France and Spain in order to hurl the sword of Christendom against its true enemy: the Turk. But the King of France will not see the peril, preferring politics and the pleasures of his court.

God has blessed His Holiness with a long life but he is now 74 and cannot last forever.

The heretics say he keeps a mistress and has fathered children by her, but this is to be expected of heresy.

The Holy Father has instituted (1540) a new Order of priests. It is the Society of Jesus founded by father Ignatius Loyola. They are tasked with the stamping out of the heresies in the north.

We have just heard that the great heretic Copernicus died this year. Good riddance.

Fourteen years ago the Crown granted a contract to the Welser family of Augsburg in the Hapsburg dominions to colonize in northeastern South America. We wonder how they did?

Don Antonio de Mendoza has been viceroy in Mexico now these seven years.

The Pizarro brothers conquered the Kingdom of the Incas in Peru 1529-33 and the colony is flourishing.

His Excellency, Hernan Cortes sent an expedition of three ships under Don Francisco de Ulloa to California in 1539, but it found nothing of use and he has returned to Spain.

We sailed in the Santa Catalina of Don Hernando de Alarcon’s voyage to the Firebrand River two years ago.

1514  Santiago, founded by Diego Velasquez de Cuellar, became capital of Cuba.

1515  Portuguese control the Indian Ocean.
Havana, Cuba was founded.

1517  Bartolome de las Casas was ordained and began his crusade for the sake of the Indians.
Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg.
The Great Cathedral of Seville (begun 1402) was completed.

1519  Magellan set out for the Pacific with five ships and 335 men to discover a direct route to the Filipinas and the Spice Islands.
Cortes landed in Mexico in March, and arrived in Tenochtitlan November 8.

1520  Martin Luther was excommunicated by Pope Leo X.

1521  Tenochtitlan fell August 13.
Massive slave rebellion in Hispaniola was crushed.

1522  Pedro de Alvarado invaded Guatemala (included a young crossbowman named Juan Rodríguez).

1523   Franciscan Order arrived in Mexico with specific orders to ensure humane treatment of the Indians.
Sebastián del Cano and 18 men, all that remained of Magellan’s voyage around the world, arrived back in Spain.
Turkey was introduced to Europe; sugarcane was a big cash crop in Cuba.

1526  Dominican Order arrived in Mexico.

1527  Niccolo Machiavelli died.
Final mopping up operations in Central Mexico and Guatemala.
City of Santiago in the Almolongo district founded as Capitol of the new province of Guatemala.
Francisco de Montejo invaded Yucatan with 380 men and 57 horses.

1529  Women actresses first appeared on stage. In Italy, where else?

1530  Spinning wheel and workman’s bench came into use in Europe.

1531  Pánfilo de Narvez expedition to Florida disappeared.
Pizarro invaded Inca Empire with 180 men.
The “Great Comet” (Halley’s) panicked  Europe.

1532  England’s clergy submitted to Henry VIII and England joined the Protestant
Reformation sweeping northern Europe from Switzerland to Scandinavia.

1533  Augustinian Order arrived in Mexico.
Pizarro captured Inca capitol of Cuzco.

1535  Army of 505 German soldiers under the Spanish flag, commanded by Georg Hohermuth    invaded Venezuela.
Diego de Almagro explored Chile.
First mint was established in New World at Mexico City.

1536  Henry VIII dissolved 376 monasteries and convents in England!
Inca Manco Capac revolted against the Spanish.
Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada invaded Colombia.

1537  Shrines and relics, including St. Thomas a Becket’s at Canterbury were destroyed.

1538  Notary Cabeza de Vaca of the lost Narváez expedition arrived in Mexico City, with stories about cities to the north.

1539  Francisco de Ulloa with three ships explored Gulf of California.
Hernando de Soto expedition landed in Florida.

1540  Coronado expedition left for the Seven Cities.
Alarcon’s fleet to the Firebrand River. It sailed from Alcapulco on May 9 and returned to Navidad in November, having ascended the Colorado River as far as modern Yuma.

1541  September 11 an earthquake devastated Santiago, Guatemala between 2 & 3 AM.

1542  Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo’s expedition to China sailed June 27.


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