Tidepool Table Procedures


Covid-19 Protocol- Beginning of and during Shift:

  • Prior to leaving home complete Covid-19 self-screening form. If you answer yes to any of the questions during your screening, please do not come to the park. Email cabr_volunteers@nps.gov to let park staff know you won’t be in for your shift.
  • Ask Entrance Station staff to Radio 799 to inform them that you are at the park for a TPERP shift.
  • Park in Traffic Circle and don protective face mask.
  • The Ranger on Duty (799) will meet you at the flagpole with a radio, trailer key and Arrowhead magnets.
  • Attach magnets to doors on car.
  • Drive to Parking Lot 1 and park in one of the designated TPERP spaces (Orange Cones).


At Trailer:

  • Unlock trailer with smaller key.
  • Wear your personal mask while in the trailer with other volunteers or park staff (disposable masks are available inside the trailer on the wooden bench).
  • Set out whale bones and baleen (stored inside big black pelican box; they can be placed on top of box).
  • With larger key, unlock two locks on table cover and unclip clips on either side; fold cloth cover and oil cloth and set aside.
  • Remove two wood table lids and set aside.
  • Take biomodels out of bin and place on tabletop (biomodels are stored in trailer).
  • Locate people counter, tide chart, and sign about cave closure and keep them with you at the table, along with any desired reference materials (located on shelves to your left as you enter the trailer).

Other Options:

  • Get magnetic A-frame tide sign ready (using visual examples in trailer, place correct tide height and time on sign) and place sign on tidepool path facing parking lot.
  • Put up umbrella and set out chair(s) as desired.
  • Bring out educational/interpretive items (brochures, sticker activities, etc.).
  • Place Creature Feature magnetic A-frame sign on tidepool path.
  • Set up donation box on white card table near path (do not place box on education table).
  • Open trailer windows.

*Never leave open table unattended; radio for assistance if needed*


At Trailer:

  • If used, put donation box back on designated shelf (put cloth cover over it) and put card table back.
  • Put whale bones and baleen back inside black box (and latch box).
  • Place any paper items back in trailer (never leave paper in table).
  • Place biomodels back inside plastic container in the trailer; other items can remain inside table (in sand).
  • If you are the last shift of the day, return all magnetic signs to trailer (you do not need to remove the magnets).
  • Return chair(s) to trailer.
  • Return umbrella to trailer; please don’t tie it, as it needs to be able to air dry.
  • Place wood lids back on table (they are labeled on the edges so you’ll know which goes where).
  • Place waterproof tarp (oil cloth) on closed table first, then cover it with Sunbrella fabric.
  • Replace clips on sides of table and locks on front and back.
  • Write down your name, number of interpretive contacts and correct location column (‘table’) on appropriate sheet. There are separate columns for tidepools/zones and roving. Please mark only one column.
  • Check that windows and vents are closed inside trailer and please close all curtains.
  • Don’t forget your radio and personal belongings. Please don’t leave trash or food in trailer.
  • Close and lock trailer door; test it to make sure it is locked.

At Traffic Circle:

  • Contact 799 when you are at the traffic circle.
  • Return radio, trailer key and Arrowhead magnets to Ranger on Duty.

TableShiftChecklist 8/2021

Last revised 13-Nov-21