Top 20 “What Would You Do If” Situations

Top 20 Tidepool What-Ifs

You’re on duty as a TPERP. What, if anything, would you do if. . .

  1. You see someone pocketing a shell
  2. A visitor says he saw someone pocketing a shell
  3. You get a complaint
  4. You see someone throwing rocks
  5. You notice someone carrying around a sea star
  6. You see someone poking anemones to make them squirt
  7. You see ink floating around a sea hare
  8. You see a rock turner
  9. You encounter a group larger than 10 and ask to see their permit and they don’t have one
  10. You see someone scraping limpets off the rocks
  11. You see a group of kids coming down the path with their buckets (or sticks, or nets)
  12. You see someone smoking while walking around the tidepools
  13. You see people swimming in the tidepools
  14. You see a kid kicking at gooseneck barnacles
  15. You see someone stepping over the ropes into areas that are not designated for walking
  16. You see young lovers carving their initials in the rocks
  17. You see someone climbing the sides of the cliffs
  18. You have a visitor who really, really wants to go into Zone 3
  19. Someone asks a question you can’t answer
  20. You have a visitor who doesn’t want to leave at closing time

If you are not sure how to answer any of these questions, please ask!

Last revised 14-Aug-13