TPERP Shift Checklist

Covid-19 Protocol- Beginning of and during Shift

  • Prior to leaving home complete Covid-19 self-screening form. If you answer yes to any of the questions during your screening, please do not come to the park. Email to let park staff know you won’t be in for your shift.
  • Ask Entrance Station staff to Radio 799 to inform them that you are at the park for a TPERP shift.
  • Park in Traffic Circle and don protective face mask.
  • The Ranger on Duty (799) will meet you at the flagpole with a radio, trailer key and Arrowhead magnets.
  • Attach magnets to doors on car.
  • Drive to Parking Lot 1 and park in one of the designated TPERP spaces (Orange Cones).
  • Wear your personal mask while in the trailer with other volunteers or park staff (disposable masks are available inside the trailer on the wooden bench).
  • Gear up at the trailer and sanitize equipment including walking sticks, backpack, etc.
  • If you are the first shift of the day, remove Safety Ring & Rope Bag from trailer and place on Unstable Cliff Sign behind Post & Rope (there is a hook on the side of the sign).
  • Maintain minimum 6-foot social distancing when interacting with visitors or other VIPs.

End of Shift

  • If you are the last shift of the day, return Safety Ring & Rope Bag to the trailer.
  • Return backpack and walking stick to trailer.
  • Record number of contacts on log in trailer.
  • Write down any interesting sightings or if any supplies are needed for your backpack or trailer.
  • Sanitize walking stick, backpack, key, pen, and any other touched surface with Lysol®
  • Lock trailer as you leave.
  • Contact 799 when you are at the traffic circle.
  • Return radio, trailer key and Arrowhead magnets to Ranger on Duty.

Other Options

  • Get magnetic A-frame tide sign ready (using visual examples in trailer, place correct tide height and time on sign) and place sign on tidepool path facing parking lot.
  • Place Creature Feature magnetic A-frame sign on tidepool path.

Backpack Contents

  • First Aid Kit
  • Two Trash Bags (1 Large, 1 Small)
  • Reference Books
  • Tide Calendar
  • Laminated Radio Code/Regulations Card
  • Hand Counter
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Gloves
  • Business Cards
  • Laminated Critter/Plant/Bird/Geology Cards

ShiftChecklist 8/2021

Last revised 13-Nov-21