Tracking TPERP Interpretive Contacts

It is important to track the number of interpretive contacts in the Rocky Intertidal. The numbers play a role in funding for TPERP. In 2019 we had approximately 36,000 interpretive contacts from roving, the Education Table and from low tide shifts.

An interpretive contact is more than someone just asking for the time or where the restrooms are, etc. Are you assisting the visitor by keeping them safe, informing them about the park, explaining some tidepool features? If so, then it as an interpretive contact. While the definition of an interpretive contact is subjective, we want you to be as accurate as possible in your counting. 

If you are roving or working a low tide shift, you will use the counter attached to each backpack.  If you are working the Education Table, you will use the counter stored in the small bin labeled Education Table (in the trailer).

When you are done with your low tide, table, or roving shift, be sure to fill out the TPERP Interpretive Contacts form (located in the trailer) so that the number of contacts can be tracked. 

Information written on the TPERP Interpretive Contacts checklist are then input into a database to create reports every month.  These reports are used by staff and park management to make decisions about the TPERP program such as our annual budget.

Last revised 16-Dec-21