VIP Expectations and Support

VIP Expectations and Support

As a volunteer at Cabrillo National Monument, you are expected to honor the time commitments required for your position(s), and to take part in any necessary orientation, training, and continuing education events. You are also expected to represent the park in a professional and competent manner both inside the park and in the community. As a VIP you are considered an interpreter for the park and as such should know the tenents and techniques of effective interpretation. Part of what you do is translate the park for visitors.

CNM will give you a uniform (including a shirt, a hat, and a windbreaker) and will provide ongoing training and learning opportunities. You will have the full support of park staff and access to park resources.

A Word About the Volunteer Navigation Committee (VNC)

The VNC was created to support volunteers and to contribute to the development and success of the VIP program, including community outreach and collaboration with CNM organizations and partners.

The VNC gives you a voice in park decisions relating to the VIP program. Any volunteer or staff member is welcome to participate. The committee usually meets the second Saturday of each month.

The VNC has helped with many projects at the park, including: creating a VIP support network, developing a matrix of volunteer opportunities, helping with park conferences and continuing education events, and doing community outreach.

There is an annual State of the VNC training/meeting/celebration held each fall. All volunteers are invited to attend.

TPERPs at Education Table

VNC Meeting

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