VIP Expectations

VIP Expectations

As a VIP, you are an important part of a bigger team.  Check out who’s who on your team…

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Who are you?

You are an essential and valuable part of the CNM team that is working hard to….

…protect, preserve and manage the monument’s cultural and natural resources and associated values in a manner that leaves them unimpaired while providing a high quality educational and recreational experience for all visitors

preserve and protect the rocky intertidal for future generations; while educating the masses, one visitor at a time

CNM’s part: We’ll give you –

  • Great looking uniforms
  • Outstanding training and learning opportunities
  • Access to the park resources
  • Full support from park staff
  • An opportunity to work in one
    of the best urban National Parks in the country
  • Satisfaction in knowing that you are helping preserve one our nation’s greatest resources


Your part:

  • Honor the minimum commitment for your position
  • Complete volunteer orientation training
    • Reference manual (e-binder review)
    • Site visit (wayside review and films)
    • Read “Understanding the Life of Pt. Loma”
    • Visitor center shadow shift
  • Attend other park training and continued ed. events
  • Educate visitors about the park’s research and conservation efforts
  • Ensuring a pleasant and safe environment
  • Observation and provide education of park regulations
  • Provide ideas for improving the program
  • Pride in wearing the uniform
  • Self-initiated learning (see checklist)
  • Punctual for shift or find substitute
  • Help to recruit new VIPs
  • Proper record keeping
  • Ability to answer all kinds of visitor questions; some commonly asked ones deal with

– history of the park

– who is Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo

– why is there a new lighthouse, and can I go into the old one

– where are the World War I & II bunkers

– where can I see a Gray Whale

– why is zone 3 in the tidepools closed

– flora and fauna

– tides

– geology in the park

– geography of our area

– directions around the city

And if you’re a TPERP:   Help keep Zone 3 closed

Ideal Volunteers

Ideal Volunteers

Cabrillo Statue

Cabrillo Lighthouse

Protecting the resources and delighting the visitors in all parts of the park is a team effort

          We all have a part

               We all have a benefit

Last revised 26-May-22