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In January 2014, we launched a blog tailored specifically to meet the needs of Cabrillo National Monument’s Volunteers-in-Park (VIPs): the VIP Voice.

It’s a fun, interactive way to keep informed about what’s happening within the park and within the VIP community in the park. It’s also not meant to be a one-way conversation. You can contribute to the blog by submitting articles, photos, or sharing anecdotes of your experiences while serving as a VIP at Cabrillo.

Within the blog, you will find:

  • The latest news about happenings within the park.
  • A calendar of upcoming events at the park and events specifically for VIPs.
  • Links to reference materials such as the official Cabrillo NPS website and the Reference Manual (E-binder).
  • Media including a gallery of images and videos of recent presentations.
  • Information about the Dusty Socks Club, the Cabrillo National Monument Conservancy, and the Cabrillo National Monument Foundation.
  • Job postings from the National Park Service.
  • A link to Volgistics scheduling and time keeping.

You can subscribe to the VIP Voice and receive email notifications each time there’s a new posting on the blog.

Remember, the VIP Voice is your resource to use, enjoy, and contribute to.

Last revised 06-Jan-16

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